Wine Obsession of the Week – Forgeron Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon 

Walla Walla Red Wine

We discovered Forgeron Cellars recently while in Walla Walla.

It was recommended to us by another tasting room while making our way around downtown Walla Walla – my husband said he wanted a place that does BIG BOLD REDS, and boy did he get what he asked for.

I have been somewhat of a chicken tasting red wines lately, I think perhaps because I am burnt out on winter and associate red wines with that season (it has been a very dreary spring here in the PNW). But, when in Walla Walla, I couldn’t say no. This Cab Sauv was my husband’s favorite…  I was somewhat impartial but the bottle I was tasting from had only just been opened where his had been breathing for the day. He SWORE it was an amazing red and we brought home two bottles.

I was feeling a little bit in a rut after leaving our winery weekend getaway for real life and one night with dinner I decided it was time to pop this bad boy open and do some reminiscing. To make sure my wine really opened up, I grabbed our aerator which made a world of difference! I was in absolute heaven! What an absolutely delightful, bold red wine to sip on.

I can easily be overwhelmed by tannins, and this wine was so perfectly balanced. Forgeron Cellars’ claim to fame is big Bordeaux style reds, and this wine fit the bill perfectly. A lot of people like to recommend foods to pair with a good wine, but I could drink this with anything! Meats, cheeses, Italian food… or just sipping on a lazy night in, this wine can do it all.

They also have a neat story, which I am a total sucker for. Every wine tastes better to me with a good story behind it! They are located in an old historic building that used to be a blacksmith shop, which is where they got their name (Forgeron is French for blacksmith, or so they told us).

Also, to our absolute delight, they have a tasting room in Woodinville too! If you are not familiar with Woodinville Washington, it is the next best place to taste wine in Washington State… second to Walla Walla Washington of course! 🙂

They opened this second tasting room out in Woodinville so that the dense population of Seattleites can have a place to taste and pick up their wine club shipments within a 30 minute drive from the city (compare to 5 hours to Walla Walla).

So whether you are in Woodinville or Walla Walla, I would absolutely suggest popping in to taste, and make sure this Cab is on the list!

This bottle needs a little tag that says “Drink Me!” So delicious
The Forgeron Cellars tasting room in Walla Walla Washington

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