We Love You Sounders, We DO!


As I am sure most of you Seattleites know, this Saturday December 10th at 5:00pm Western marks the first time EVER that the Seattle Sounders have made it to the MLS cup. If you don’t know what the MLS cup is, it is basically the Super Bowl for soccer. My hubby and I were inaugural season ticket holders, and we are so proud that they have finally made it!

I will never forget our first game – when he told me we had “General Admission” season tickets. I am pretty sure I yelled at him for what a dumb investment standing room only tickets sounded like to me, but never-the-less I agreed to go and see what it was all about. Then we got there, grabbed seats in the last row if the GA section, and noticed no one was sitting. We were there with the Emerald City Supporters repping our city. All the chants, flags (ti-fo), painted faces, enthusiasm, ruckus… I knew I was in the right place 🙂 All these people who had never seen this team play before, but were there standing behind them 100%. It was SO COOL and we have been diehards ever since!

I really didn’t have a lot to say, other than WE LOVE YOU SOUNDERS, this is YOUR game, and we are so excited you have finally made it!

Me (with a terrible spray tan) and my all-time favorite Sounder, Kasey Keller!

The game is on Fox at 5pm PST, and here are some recommended places to watch with fellow supporters!!

Our baby girl’s 1st Sounders Match last year!

Seattle Sounders Supporter Pubs (Downtown Seattle)PubPartnerMLSCup.jpg

Seattle Sounders Supporter Pubs Nation-Wide

Also wanted to give a quick shout-out to City Tavern in Victor NY – there are obviously a shortage of supporter bars in Upstate New York, and while we were out there on vacation they put the playoff game on for us and put up with our big, rowdy group the day after they opened! Thanks guys!



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