The Great Leggings Debate

Mommy and baby in our Lularoe Christmas leggings!

After having a kid I really wanted to get back into my jeans as quickly as possible thinking that would help make me feel normal again. Ironically, once getting back down to my pre-baby weight and squeezing those suckers back on I realized something… PANTS SUCK! 🙂 After 40 full weeks of wearing yoga pants and maternity jeans with that nice stretchy waistband, there was no dragging me back. I went on a legging shopping binge – Nordstrom, Old Navy, Target, you name it and I bought their leggings. One fateful day, I took to social media to declare my hatred for anything with a tight waistband, and a there a girlfriend so nicely introduced me to the new legging sensation sweeping the country, LULAROE.

Oh. Hot. Damn.

I bought like 30 pairs my first week. I ended up in 500 groups searching daily for my new “unicorn” (that’s Lula speak for some rare print you just absolutely MUST have). These things are crack. You can only shop for them in these secret Facebook groups filled with other lula crack heads like you just as crazy to get their next pair. People fight over these yo. Especially the plain black ones. Well, now that my legging drawer overflow-eth with all types of leggings I had bought before, I realized there are a few pairs I always gravitate to that were my extra coziest.

So which brand wins the great legging debate? There are 3 winners of this battle, each with their own pros and cons.


Zella “Live In Slim Fit Leggings”

I have a black pair that I bought 5 years ago and realized there is literally almost no visible wear on these bad girls. I swear they are bullet-proof. They have a nice tight fit that makes me feel like it keeps my jiggly belly flat, but they somehow do it without giving weird muffin top or anything. For a black or solid color legging, these are it. The two disadvantages would be cost (they are over $50, yikes), and they are relatively plain (no fun prints like LuLaRoe). Treat yourself to one pair and then thank me, because they are that good.

#2 Of Course, LULAROE

Anyone you talk to will tell you these leggings are like butter, and they are. It blew my mind how soft they are. There are beautiful and funky patterns, and they are releasing new ones all the time. They are fun and easy to shop online, or you can find a consultant near you and often times shop at their home if you want to see things in person.

They do have a few big disadvantages however, which is why they came in second. First – there is no control over what patterns consultants get. If you see something and like it, you literally sometimes have to hunt them down across the United States in hundreds of parties to find them. It makes for a good chase, but it truly is exhausting and can be a big letdown since you often won’t be able to snag one you are hunting no matter what (the holiday ones are especially brutal). Second – they are a little thin and are prone to tear. I had a pair I put on for the first time that had a tiny pinhole in them that I thought was no big deal. 30 minutes later I am in public wondering why my butt cheek feels so breezy… they tore open worse than a run in pantyhose! I have friends who have had problems with boots snagging and ripping them. You will never have that problem with those Zella ones above.

Lularoe leggings with “Little Boot Peep” socks
Fun Christmas Tree Leggings

#3 Honorable Mention

Under Armor makes a pretty bomb knit pair of leggings, and if you shop their site they have some quality, cold-weather options too if you want a heavy duty pair for winter. They are in the same ballpark as the Zella ones in regards to cost, but the cool thing is there are a lot of UA outlets out there, and sometimes you can score them for less.

Plus, they have a “Star Wars Millennium Falcon” special edition pair, which are super rad!




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