New Year’s Resolutions – What I am Going to do to Improve my Blog in 2017!


Over the past year or two, I have become increasingly motivated to start my own company. It all began as a hobby; I had a new baby girl and for fun when she was napping, I would sew her little baby booties and headbands. After making one tiny little pair of booties I had a ton of scrap fabric leftover, and would make extras as gifts for friends. I popped a few items I made that were extras on Offer Up and they sold almost instantly. I was flattered and excited, though I was only selling items for maybe $10, max.

This is where things really snowballed and I have really been rolling forward since! I went out and got a business license and opened my own Etsy shop (shameless self promotion… check it out Here if you want to see some cute baby stuff 🙂 ). At this point I was making items to sell, so I had to start marketing myself, which stemmed into a business Insta account, and then ultimately my blog.

As soon as I started blogging, I decided this was much more the direction I was motivated to go. My personality is so many other things than baby shoes and headbands… I love to cook! We travel, we love food, we love wine, I craft, enjoy to entertain. The Etsy shop can still be a fun hobby, but something where I can be social, and interact with other like-minded people sharing our ideas just felt right. And fun!

So, pushing on to my blog, I found that this was much more difficult than I had expected. With my Etsy shop I was by no means making a living (nor did I intend to), but as I posted things people seemed to like them and buy them relatively regularly. However with the blog, I researched endlessly, designed my page and changed it 300 times, made a post… watched nothing happen… changed my layout again. Then I upgrade my WordPress account. Add Word Ads. Watch my balance sit at $0 for money earned. Epiphany – making money blogging is HARD! But the good news is I feel that I can do it, and am ready to put the time and research in and 2017 is going to be my year!


I am a huge believer in written goals – they are the only way to hold yourself accountable to yourself! But not only can you have a goal, but a plan to achieve it. So, here is my 2017 New Year’s Resolution, to improve my blog so that I can start profiting from it, even if only a little 🙂

  1. Hubby found this great resource for me, a man named Ben Shepardson who owns a web design and digital marketing studio. His company is Key West Web Design and you can follow his free tips on twitter @LVS_design
  2. Figure out the difference between and I had no idea the two were different and after reading an article I am judging my decision to go with the .com version. Anyone have insight on this??
  3. Re-brand my Pinterest page. I have been using it personally for a long time, but now need to switch it over to professional since I have my own blogs posts to promote!
  4. Learn how to better monetize my site by exploring other advertising options. I already have Word Ads installed but I haven’t earned a penny. Pro Blogger has some really good advice but it will take a long time to sort through and incorporate it all! Ideally I would like to get into sponsored posts, but I am guessing I need to get a few more followers before then 🙂
    ProBlogger’s map of how to make money blogging… a lot to digest!

    Well, if there is anything I can take away from this, it is that I have a lot to learn, but I have already learned a lot so far! I am excited to keep taking steps forward with my blog and would LOVE any of your input from any level of blogger out there, and from readers too!

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