Food Blogging 101 – How do you blog recipes when you usually ‘improv’ your cooking?

I just started my blog recently, and my initial plan was to share recipes I made almost daily, just taking pictures of my food then tying it together as I went along. In my mind, this sounded like a piece of cake. I make home-cooked meals daily and about 85% of the time, I feel what I made is worth sharing.

I buckled down and began cooking away and snapping pics with my DSLR as I went, with the plan to write up a handful of quick and fun posts at the end of the week. The problem was, when week – end arrived, all I had was pictures. I realized I had improved most of what I made!

This actually is a long-running joke between my husband and I: I never hesitate to give out my recipes if anyone asks. He has always snickered at me and said ‘of course I wouldn’t mind’ because I don’t follow half of what I wrote on paper! He proved himself right the one year we weren’t able to spend Thanksgiving together. He said his family desperately needed my sweet potato recipe because it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without it, to which I told him of course he could just grab it from the recipe box! Which he followed with, “Yeah okay Abbey, but what do you do that isn’t written down?”. I quickly replied, “I use 1/2 pecans 1/2 walnuts and toast them both instead of plain pecans, double the topping, and emulsify the potato mixture instead of just mashing”… *insert foot in mouth*. It is such a bad habit I have, that I see a recipe and I tweak it how I want it but never write it down!

Back to the point… I am guessing this is something a lot of you good cooks out there do; you see a recipe and instantly can spot where you can make it better, or tweak little things to create something more your style. Or, maybe you truly straight improv and don’t follow recipes at all!

I say touché  and good for you if you are comfortable enough cooking that you don’t need recipes. I think that actually means you are comfortable in your own shoes as a cook and absolutely have the basics down. However, it will never work for food blogging unless you remember what you made!

So, this week I started something new – a food journal I am keeping with every meal I make. Already, I have made recipes I like and (kinda) follow, but now can see on paper how I edited them as I went. Not only will this be crucial to my ability to blog my recipes as I go, I actually think it is a fun project of perfecting my personal rolodex of recipes so I can look and see EXACTLY how I make each to perfection!

This may be a “DUH” post for some of you, but as a good cook and new blogger it is something that genuinely never occurred to me until now (how much I improv my recipes, that is). So if you are new to food blogging too, hopefully this can instead be a small “ah-ha” moment for you too and help make your blog even better!



4 Replies to “Food Blogging 101 – How do you blog recipes when you usually ‘improv’ your cooking?”

  1. This is not a DUH post! We had the same issue where we would would make a great meal and start blogging about it a few days later and not be able to remember details. The hardest thing for us to remember is prep and cool time! We have gotten really good at keeping a pad of paper in the kitchen and writing down everything as we do it, it makes blogging about it later a lot easier!

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    1. Haha I’m glad someone else had the same issue! We love cooking and make great meals all the time – it literally NEVER occurred to me how little I followed recipes until I started trying to blog them. Prep and cool time is something I forget a lot too so that is good advice!

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  2. Oh so true! I am just starting to blog and wanted a recipe section within it. When I went to add the first recipe I had to remake it and verify what I was doing! Which I have to say, felt pretty silly because it was something that I make quite often. Then to put it in words so people that are unfamiliar can understand and follow. A whole new way of thinking!


    1. It is so funny, but at the same time it totally is a new way of thinking! It’s funny because my husband and I are both so comfortable in the kitchen it never occurred to me how much we freestyle our cooking. The other lesson I learned is to zoom in on food instead of holding the camera close… after dipping my lens in sauce on accident a few times!! HAHA! Good luck with your blog 🙂

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