Fashion Bloggers, Help! Why do I want this hoodie so bad, and should I really???

Attention fashion blogging universe: I desperately need your opinion!

I recently have become obsessed with a hoodie. It looks like something I could have purchased from Add to dictionary in 1998 for $25. So first, please tell me why I want it so bad. Second, tell me if I am crazy, or if I should really try to score one??

What is this hoodie I have on the brain? No other than Khloe Kardashian’s Good American brand, Navy Blue, “Good Hoodie”. It is navy blue with a single monogram initial on the front, looking like it came off a high school letterman’s jacket. It retails for $160 and sells out in about 20 seconds when in stock.

Images are borrowed from the Good American website

I saw Khloe wearing one about a month ago and became OBSESSED with it. I thought Khlo looked so fashionable sporting the “K” monogram letter, and decided I just HAD to have one. After looking it up and realizing there is this insane waitlist for them. Apparently they are so fashionable that people are actually buying them and wearing them (of all things), instead of selling them for more on Ebay.

So fashionistas of the internet please tell me… am I just buying into a lame trend and the Kardashian craze without meaning to, or is this a closet staple??


One Reply to “Fashion Bloggers, Help! Why do I want this hoodie so bad, and should I really???”

  1. Personally, I think that it’s overpriced, but my opinion is irrelevant. What matters is that you wear things that make you feel confident and beautiful, whatever that might be 🙂 xx


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