Target $3 Bin… Oops I did it again! (More Spring Decorations) 😬😉😂🐰🌷

My toddler was SO BAD today.

Don’t get me wrong, she is adorable. I know I should cherish this time. And I do.

But some days toddlers are just jerks and today was one of those. You don’t need to judge and act like this has never happened to you… I got enough sideway glances at our ‘mommy and me’ ballet class while my kid was sprawled out across the floor kicking to last me a lifetime.

As we left I was debating what would help get my day headed in the right direction, and Starbucks and Target was the winner. Wow is life exciting in our thirties. 😂

Decaf Americano for me (my nerves were already torched enough that caffeine wasn’t necessary), and a chocolate milk and blueberry muffin for the mini. She happily munched while I got all of our errands done in one store, and had a little “me time” in the $3 bin again. Yes, I am totally at a point where “me time” is 5 minutes of shopping for unnecessary items for my household while picking up my toddler’s lovey off the floor 300 times as I browse.

My favorite Target meme of all time, haha!

We found some cute scores in regards to Easter decorations, and I actually was able to sneak a good number of purchases in the cart for munchkin’s Easter basket without her noticing. Yes – these items were $3ea! Now our house is feeling a little more festive and ready for spring.



2 Replies to “Target $3 Bin… Oops I did it again! (More Spring Decorations) 😬😉😂🐰🌷”

  1. You bought some nice things. The quote about letting your wife overspend at Target made me laugh. I always tell my boyfriend women are different than men… we need our… stuff. So of course I need to spend money lol


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