Monday Goals

This past weekend I had a work event, leaving me feeling like I have a LOT to get done this coming week since I didn’t have a chance to relax and catch up on anything at home. People wonder why being a working mom is so hard – this is why! It’s a lot to balance.

Luckily I have this coming Tuesday off, so I have some time to check things off the list tomorrow! ย I just will never remember if I don’t write them down.

There are also some things I want to continuously keep working on, so I figured I would make two to-do lists… one of just necessities for this week, and the other of things that I want to make sure I keep doing weekly… indefinitely.

If you aren’t a goal writer, you should be! Writing down your goals is an amazing way to keep yourself accountable. Plus, checking things off your list feels AWESOME and you can look back on how much you accomplished and be proud of yourself! It is almost a guarantee that you will be more productive if you write down tangible goals for yourself, and check in on them from time-to-time.

For this week I need to:

  • Shop for new kitchen appliances – our microwave just bit the bullet so it is time to upgrade! Can’t say I’m too sad about this, though it will be spendy.
  • Finish our laundry room remodel. Our laundry room is TINY and this has been dragging on too long. We need to finish staining shelves, paint some trim, mount the shelves, and then I get to decorate ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Get my ring cleaned. I forgot to take it off when baking last week and I have Irish Soda Bread in my basket setting. Ew.
  • Sell my Lularoe items I don’t wear. There is a Facebook BST page I found where I can flip a pre-owned LLR item in about 5 minutes, no joke. I hate having clothes laying around that I don’t wear.
  • Book a little weekend getaway for our family. We deserve a little bit of a break together before my busy season at work really hits full-swing. We are thinking Walla Walla ๐Ÿ™‚

Ongoing things on my goals list:

  • Stick to my weight loss plan. Light, protein-filled breakfasts and salads for lunch. 30 minutes of exercise daily. I am especially avoiding carbs, starches, and fried foods, because my metabolism hates all of those. Need to cut down on bread, beer, and potatoes specifically!
  • Write a weekly meal plan.ย Meal planning saves us so much money at the grocery store, and also me a lot of sanity since I find we grocery shop basically every day if we don’t plan ahead. It helps us eat healthier too.
  • Bake at least one thing a week. I like to bake, and I like to blog about it. Yes I know I just said I am eating healthy… truth is I don’t ever eat much of my own baking. I like sharing it with friends/family/coworkers. Plus baking doesn’t have to be unhealthy… I think this week I will make some healthy breakfast oatmeal muffins since my kiddo loves muffins.
  • Make and freeze easy breakfasts once a week.ย Last week my hubby did banana pancakes, which were so easy to send our kiddo out the door with in the morning. This week I did a salmon spinach and cheddar quiche, which we are all enjoying for breakfast. Need to keep it rolling.
  • Buy that backpack I was promising myself before it is gone! ๐Ÿ˜‰ We will see if this actually comes to fruition since the vacation takes priority… we will see how my luck is selling my old Lularoe, haha!
  • Share at least one blog post from another blogger.ย I don’t do this enough – hardly at all! Which really is a shame because there are some beautiful blogs and ideas out there. I need to share some blog love with my fellow bloggers!


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  1. I read your goals and it got me thinking…I need to make more freezable breakfast items. So I bought a big container of organic spinach, frozen mangoes, bananas, hulled hemp hearts, ground flax seeds, and all natural almond butter. I put together green smoothie packets that I could freeze for the whole week. Thanks for the inspiration! I hope you meet all your goals ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Wow that is awesome, so glad I could be of some inspiration! I just made a bacon cheddar quiche last night to get us through breakfast the rest of the week ๐Ÿ™‚

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