Bloggers – Quick Questions for you!

Hi fellow bloggers! I have a few quick questions for you, as I am deciding what direction to go with my page.

Would you mind answering a few quick questions for me?

If you have any questions or opinions you are searching for in regards to your blog, feel free to ask me too, and I am happy to check out your page and answer!

My questions are:

  1. When you write your blog posts, do you do it primarily on a desktop/laptop, tablet, or phone?
  2. When you view other bloggers posts, do you do it primarily on a desktop/laptop, tablet or phone?
  3. Do you blog with the intention of monetizing your site, or do you do it just for fun?
  4. If you do monetize your site, what techniques are you using? What has worked the best for you so far? (Just put NA if this does not apply to you)
  5. Do you blog about just one niche, or do you explore a large number of topics on your blog? Do you feel like this helps or hurts your engage with people?

A bonus question I have but don’t feel obligated to spend too much time on… if you look at my blog, do you feel like the layout is professional and easy to follow, or would I benefit from trying a different style of layout that looks more like a formal website?

I have been thinking about changing my layout but I don’t know if that would change the feel of my page too much. I like all the pictures, but worry it doesn’t look professional enough.

Thank you all!!

XO – Abbey

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16 Replies to “Bloggers – Quick Questions for you!”

  1. I blog and read on a laptop, and I have my blog just for fun! I really love your blog but sometimes the side angle is a little confusing for my small brain. But, it’s whatever you like! I’ll be here to read it no matter what!

    1. Thank you for the input! I have a love / hate relationship with that side picture. I love having pictures and colors but agree it doesn’t work well all the time. I want to try a new layout but am scared how much reorganization that would mean. Blog spring cleaning anyone? haha ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. 1) Desktop
    2) Desktop and phone
    3) Started out for fun but I’d like to start making money ๐Ÿ™‚
    4) N/A
    5) Mostly food/cocktails but I also do a monthly book club post. I think either works…it seems that biggest part of engagement is posting on a regular basis in my opinion.

  3. 1. Desktop
    2. iPad mostly, second iPhone
    3. Monetize but am not yet making any money
    4. N/A
    5. I blog about food, diy and travel. They are related interests to women so it works well because 95%of my readers are women.

  4. I write on my desktop and read on my phone! Growing a following is fun, but my blog is mainly just for my own enjoyment! I like to explore several categories and I think it helps me reach a wider variety of people.

    1. Thanks for the input! That’s kinda what I was thinking… writing is of course easier on a desktop so I figured most bloggers write there, but people do SO MUCH from their phones these days and I was expecting more reading goes on from handheld devices. I appreciate you stopping by ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. 1. laptop
    2. laptop
    3. Fun, therapeutic purposes, writing practice
    4. N/A
    5. I very much want to blog about various interests, though many of my posts do discuss mental illness (specifically bipolar disorder), or at least mention it briefly. Writing about other things is something I’d like to discipline myself to do more often, for my own good. I like having a wide variety of followers, not just ones who write about mental illness. I like reading about a variety of things, and enjoying various writing styles.

    I suppose since I don’t blog about just one niche, not all of my followers are interested in all of my blog posts, but that’s OK with me. Does it limit the number of my followers? I’m not sure. Well, I don’t think so. I don’t care. I don’t use social media, so almost all of my followers are from WordPress. I have about 80 followers in just under two months since starting my blog. I’m not sure how popular that makes mine.

    Bonus Question: Your blog layout is fine, though not that easy to navigate in my opinion. I’d like to more easily find your past posts. I keep a recent post list of 10. I’ve found people that visit my blog scan the list and often read old posts more.

    I like clean looking blogs where the writing is more dominantly displayed than the photos, unless the blog is specifically focusing on photos or the blogger is very artistic. [I’m not.] If you’re interested in what I like see my blog at on WordPress. I have received compliments on it’s clean appearance and ease of navigation.

    1. Wow, this is awesome input! Thank you so much for taking the time to look. I do agree with you that this layout is a little hard to navigate to older posts… some of my favorite posts were the first ones I did and I feel they are just totally buried! I have about 500 instagram followers so I try to repost things there, but it just doesn’s seem to get them to my page here.

      1. Hi abbeycoseattle. Check out your widgets. My theme allows a side widget and bottom widgets. There are many options you can choose (like recent posts lists and archive) that could be helpful.

      2. I have some widgets on the bottom of my page, but unfortunately that’s the only place for them! I did just find a cool scroll bar that I can do on the top of my page though!! Thank you

  6. Desktop
    Phone (Feedly app)
    My blog was started just for fun, then moved to being a resource (and I monetize now as a kickback for the time I spend making it a resource)
    Affiliate links: shop sense and Amazon. I don’t run google ads or Amazon ads, because no one ever clicked on them. They were clogging up my layout and frankly I find them really distracting on other people’s blogs and never click on them. I have a disclaimer on my blog that I’m an Amazon affiliate, but I vow to never recommend a product I haven’t used or can’t speak to. So basically, I will only link to products I recommend.
    I mostly blog about one niche, but I enjoy reading both kinds of blogs (specifically topic, or general lifestyle).
    I read your blog in my Feedly app so I only see he layout if I come to the page to make a comment like this one ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you so much for your input! I JUST started using Amazon ads yesterday but agree that people just don’t click those. I had been using CJ Affiliates for months and didn’t ever get a purchase. I am going to try the affiliate route and see how that works out ๐Ÿ™‚

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