Checking in on a Sunny Saturday

Today was BEAUTIFUL here in Seattle!

The first day where it actually feels like spring.

I worked and spent the day on Lake Washington with customers… can’t complain!

Originally I had decided against blogging pictures from my work days on here since my family life after work is what I initially started writing about. 

Today I had a change of heart since 

1. I want to be a “lifestyle blogger” and working mom is the lifestyle I am living

2. Boating is one of the best parts of life in Seattle and the PNW and I love being a part of it!! 

That is my life – boat sales by day and mommy/baker/Blogger by night 😉

Which is what I am off to do now… I have some baskets to prep and a carrot cake to bake for Easter Sunday!

PS – I am trying a new layout in hopes of making my page a little more organized and easy to follow. A little more modern too. I just launched it today… let me know what you think!

XO – Abbey Co. 🌷🐣🐰

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