Concert Fashion Help!!

Fashion bloggers! I need your help. 

I am going to a concert tomorrow that I am probably too old to be at and am worried about what to wear!

It’s an EDM concert and I’m 31 and have a kid. So, yeah everyone is going to be about 21 and my closet isn’t exactly “festival ready” these days. I don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard but I also don’t want to look like the soccer mom who chaperoned her daughter there for the night!!!!

Here are a few ideas of what I was thinking. If I get too desperate I might just go ripped jeans with a black T and black hat?? 

Halp!! Let me know what you think? 

7 Replies to “Concert Fashion Help!!”

  1. I’m no fashion blogger, but I think the ripped jeans and black tee might be perf for an EDM concert! The first one is way cute but it reminds me more of a country concert.

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  2. Shorts in the PNW this time of year? Daring for sure. Love the pink denim and layer tee/tops 3. Wear your dance shoes! Be safe, have fun no matter what you’re wearing. Enjoy!


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