April Glam Bag Review – Purchase or PASS



Sometimes IPSY Glam Bags are AMAZING.

Sometimes they are MEH.

But, for $10 I will never complain!

The bag itself for April was super cute. Here are the items I received:


Here is what I thought, and if I would PURCHASE or PASS:

Ofra Cosmetics Peach Blush – I am not sure what color I got, but it sure was way too dark for my pasty skin. It was good, but I will PASS.

Mint Pear Vitamin C Serum – This stuff kinda reminded me of WATER. Being called “Mint Pear” I was prepared for a beautiful scent or refreshing tingle and got neither. PASS.

Elizabeth Mott “Show Me Your Shimmer” Hi-lighter and Shadow – I liked that this could double as an eye shadow or a hi-lighter. I however have a million of both. PASS.

EM Cosmetics Illustrative Eyeliner Brush Tip – The BEST thin tip eyeliner I have ever personally tried. The brush comes to a super fine tip and is perfect for extremely detailed winged eyeliner. It has a special cap that cushions the tip to prevent you from smushing the super fine brush. Loved it. PURCHASE!

Hey Honey “Besame Mucho” Lip Balm  – It claims to be for super dry lips. I work outdoors and being in the hard sun/wind/cold/rain gives me extremely chapped lips so I was excited to try it. For an average lip balm it would be okay, but I disagree that it works well for extra dry lips. I found it to be a little thin for what I would expect from a heavy-duty balm and it doesn’t feel like it gets very deep into your skin at all. PASS. Cudos to their marketing team for the cute name though!


Well, sorry I wasn’t super excited about these items, but I hope you girls got something you LOVE! Don’t forget to review your items subscribers! I think that is the best part about IPSY is reviewing and saving your points for something that you really do want!!


If you aren’t familiar with IPSY, it is a beauty subscription that charges you $10 a month and sends you a cute makeup bag along with 5 samples monthly.

Sign Up for IPSY HERE!!


10 Replies to “April Glam Bag Review – Purchase or PASS”

    1. So I really like it but I feel like I have my preferences very dialed in. From what I ask for and what I review that I do and don’t like it seems that they send me what I do want! I get lots of makeup brushes, eyeliner, mascara and bronzer. I don’t like getting nail polishes or hair stuff and it appears that they take my reviews/preferences into consideration.

    1. Ah I could see that! When you sign up you can set your preferences for the types of products you want and your skin type, so they take those things into consideration when putting together your bag. You also can review the products and say if you liked the type of product/color/etc. and that helps get what you want too! I feel like the more products I review the more stuff I get that I like.

      1. Have you ever had a problem with breaking out or something or getting a reaction? I think it would be a great investment but I’m worried!

      2. I have not so far and have been doing it for about 8 months. Are you sensitive to things like eyeshadows and lipsticks? Or just cleansing products? I haven’t got any harsh cleansers… mostly like light eye gels, matte lipsticks, lip gloss, bronzers. I don’t have super sensitive skin though.

  1. I’ve thought about subscribing to IPSY. Do you plan on staying with them? Do you think it’s worth it? Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Yes I do plan to stay with them. I barely have time to makeup shop these days so it is nice having things show up at my door! For $10 a month including shipping and the makeup bag, I very much find it worthwhile.

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