Weekend Recap – New Blog Tools and Toys

This past weekend was Mother’s Day, and I quite honestly wasn’t expecting anything out of the norm to happen since we had somewhat agreed that our little getaway to the lake the weekend before was our Mother’s Day celebration.

Saturday I had to make a Target run, and while there I decided I could treat myself with a little blog present (because what screams Mother’s Day more than a self-bought present from Target, haha!).

So behold, my new blogging tools: a paper calendar, notebook and pencil! I know guys… I am totally changing the world of blogging with this earth-shattering idea! But truthfully, I felt my old blog notebook wasn’t large enough, and the way WordPress organizes your posts just isn’t organized enough for me. I thought a paper calendar where I can write my post ideas, erase what I have planned if I don’t like it, and have a better idea of upcoming holidays would help me plan a lot better. I have a lot of pre-written posts that I just keep bumping around because I don’t have a good enough way to organize them, so now hopefully I do!

I also grabbed this little dry erase board for weekly meal planning (it was like $3, so a score if you ask me!). Meal planning is something I want to blog about more, but up until now, my meal plans only make it onto a little scratch piece of paper for our Costco runs, but that is about as far as it goes. I have seen other bloggers use dry erase boards like these for meal plans so I decided to jump on the bandwagon!

Well, the other part of the reason why I had not expected anything for Mother’s Day was because my husband flew out for a work trip first thing that morning. So imagine my surprise when I woke up to him cooking brunch and a present waiting for me on the table, since he had pushed his flight back to spend the day with me! What a guy ❤

The Apple bag on the table had me extra stumped, and I was SO EXCITED to open it and find a new Apple Watch!

This is actually the perfect present for me… selling boats I work on the water ALL THE TIME, regardless of weather. Dropping my phone in the lake or even it just getting ruined in the rain are big fears I have, and I can’t tell you how many coworkers and customers have lost theirs for these reasons. Not only is the Apple Watch waterproof, but strapped to my wrist I can still text and make calls while my phone is safely zipped inside my backpack with no risk of going overboard.

Hubby knows I want to work on my health and fitness, so this has a pretty awesome setup for tracking steps/calories/heart rate/etc. BUT, my favorite feature that I had never heard of is my little breath reminder, that actually vibrates on my wrist a few times a day to remind me to stop and take a breath. My husband thinks this is a little funny, but being an anxiety sufferer, it is actually perfect! If I am stressed I can open the app and set it to track my breaths for a minute. It pulses on my wrist when to breathe in and out, and has a pretty screen that goes with it to help relax/meditate.

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day with your families too! I am off work today and can’t wait to do more blog and meal planning while my kiddo takes a nice long nap!

^ The statement above confirms the fact that I am indeed, over 30 😂

Have a great week all!

XO – Abbey Co.

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