May IPSY Glam Bag Review – Purchase or Pass?

This May IPSY Glam Bag was a joy to open… with this terribly drab spring we are having in Seattle, the ice cream cones and sunny colors really made me hopeful that summer will arrive someday.

I was also excited to see some great names that I know and love! Here is what my May IPSY Glam Bag Included:

May IPSY.jpg

Here is what I thought, and if I would PURCHASE or PASS:

pur-lisse BB Tinted Moist Cream SPF 30: This product is a lot of things in one… foundation, sunscreen, facial moisturizer. It has color to it just like a liquid foundation, just not as solid in pigment. I did like the product, but I have terrible skin blotching/discoloration on my face as a result of hormones that went insane when I got pregnant (melasma). If you have young, even-toned skin this product would be a DREAM as a perfect foundation for summer. I however need much heavier coverage than this provides, so I personally will PASS. Edit… I have been using this BB Tinted Moisturizer all summer instead of foundation and LOVE IT! I thought initially it wouldn’t give me enough coverage, but applying with my hands instead of a brush it goes on just perfect for the coverage I need. PURCHASE!  Shop Pur-Lisse

Urban Decay Afterglow Sin 8-Hour Powder Hi-lighter: I love Urban Decay, and I love this product. I am getting more into hi-lighters and especially like powder ones since it leaves your skin with a soft finish and you can get the effect of just a touch of shimmer without overdoing it. PURCHASE! Shop Urban Decay

Pixi by Petra Endless Silky Eye Pen in BlackNoir: I truly am a fan of a nice, dark, smudgy eyeliner… cat eye just isn’t my go-to look. This eyeliner is super dark without feeling thick or clumpy, and it is waterproof which is essential to my lifestyle. PURCHASE. Shop Pixi by Petra

Pacifica Island Life Eyeshadow Pallete: Not only are these shades perfect for summer and soft/velvety, this is an all-natural, vegan product. I LOVE these shades and was thrilled at the size of the sample. Total win! PURCHASE, for sure!! Shop Pacifica

Hempz Pomegranate Herbal Body Moisturizer: I am familiar with Hempz brand lotions and have used them in the past. They are very hydrating, and bounce my skin back well from lots of sun exposure. This Pomegranate was a scent I have never tried before and it is gorgeous! I love Hempz because their lotions are very moisturizing without being thick or sticky. This was a generous size sample, but when it runs out I will be restocking for sure! PURCHASE. Shop Hempz Lotions

In all, this was a great bag, and there was great value to it too! Large samples and top brands. Overall, I am thrilled with my May IPSY Glam bag! What did you think of yours?

IPSY is one of my favorite busy mom hacks, since for $10 a month, they ship 5 beauty samples to my door to try! Often the samples are actually full size products, and they feature some amazing brands <3

If you are interested in joining IPSY, try this link HERE!

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7 Replies to “May IPSY Glam Bag Review – Purchase or Pass?”

  1. I loveee how you blogged about your Ipsy bag! I love seeing what other people get in theirs with all the different preferences! I also got the Urban Decay highlighter and have already used it, definitely a good one! I got the BB cream too, and I actually really like it. I’ve always been interested in tinted moisturizers but never got one because I feel like in a way its a very very light foundation and I don’t wear foundation butttt I tried it as a replacement for my concealer and I almost like it better than having my concealer! Although I think something like this would be better used in the winter for me since it duels as a moisturizer! Glad I found my way over to your blog!!!

    xo, JJ

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I did like the tinted BB Cream and recommend it for other people, it just wasn’t enough for me. When I was breastfeeding my daughter, my body had issues with hormone imbalances and it caused this skin disorder called melasma on my face… its basically is odd brown splotches on my skin… while they aren’t as bad as they could be, I have to get pretty heavy with my foundation to cover up these spots. Oh the joys of what childbirth can do to your body, ugh!

    1. Aren’t they awesome!? It sounds like your Pixi color was more fun! I think I have my settings turned super safe because I always get black/brown/neutral kind of things. I will have to branch out!

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