July IPSY Glam Bag Review – Purchase or Pass

I like to review all my IPSY Glam Bags on a a simple scale… would I purchase the item if I saw it in the store, or based on using it would I pass? Well, my July order just came in, and I am so excited!

I feel like I have been getting lucky the past few months, because out of the 5 items included in the monthly subscription, the values have been well over $75 and in all, most of the items I have liked enough to put them on the purchase list!

If you are interested in checking out how IPSY works, use this link HERE! I have been a member for almost a year now, and I am pretty sure it is the best $10 I spend a month. I have discovered countless beauty products that I love and continue to re-order, plus my stash of makeup brushes is next-level thanks to how many they send me!

Anyways, back on track to what was in my July bag.

For starters, I was not thrilled with this month’s makeup bag, but it is free so, whatever. There was a story about the character named “Gudetama”, the mascot on the bag…. I think it might be a depressed egg yolk and I don’t entirely understand what the point of it is or what it has to do with makeup. Seriously, someone please explain this to me! 😂🍳

The products however I was quite happy with!

Trestique Mini Porcelain Concealer

I have got quite a few treStiQue products through IPSY, and this is by-far my favorite. The concealer provides great coverage, and in the stick form is perfect to travel with for quick touch-ups. It has natural ingredients such as coconut-oil, and is not glumpy (I just invented a word) as some concealers are. PURCHASE!

CHELLA Tantalizing Taupe Eyebrow Cream With an Innovative Formula That Has a Rich Velvety Consistency That Will Give Your Eyebrows A Professional & Natural Looking Finish, By Chella

This eyebrow kit is a pretty cool concept… you have a nice angled brush on one end and the cream on the other. It goes on very dark… a little too dark for me but I am a blonde. If you are a brunette or black haired person looking to achieve some aggressive brows, this is totally a PURCHASE! I personally will use it until its gone, but pass only due to the shade being a miss-match for my light skin and hair.

Caudalie VinoSource Moisturizing Sorbet, 1.3 oz.

IPSY described this purchase as a “cult classic”, and I can see why. This ‘moisturizing sorbet’ is a lovely texture, and is said to be an ideal product for people with sensitive skin. I have been using this on my face, hands and neck in the evening and love how soft  I feel when I wake up in the morning! PURCHASE.

So Susan Fan Brush

This cruelty-free blender brush is great. If you are looking for a new brush set, I think cruelty-free is the way to go and would give these guys a try. Link above should bring you to a few of their options on Amazon. They are a little basic, and I have a ton of brushes so I won’t purchase any more, but you should at least give them a look!

 Tarte Amazonian Clay Bronzer Park Ave Princess 0.32 Ounce

I already am a Tarte cosmetics fan to begin with, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bronzer! It’s shade is flattering for almost any skin type, and I love the nice sun-kissed look it gives me. This product is basically my idea bronzer. PURCHASE!

Well, that’s it! What did all you other Glammers score this month?

Just an FYI – I am not sponsored by IPSY and these thoughts are completely my own, just for fun. However, I do participate in the Amazon affiliates program, so if you are inclined to shop through any of my links, I do get a little kick back. The cost is the same to you whether you shop through me or not, so I appreciate you using my links if you are in the mood to shop! <3

10 Replies to “July IPSY Glam Bag Review – Purchase or Pass”

  1. I am so torn with Ipsy. I like the concept, but I feel like the products are way to small to get a feel for. Also, I definitely can’t help you with this bag, because I don’t get it one bit haha xx.

    1. I was just commenting back to another person that I think I tend to get lucky with the product sizes I get. I often get a full size brush, bronzer, and sometimes even eye shadows! I review my products religiously, so I would say that helps me get a very tailored selection.

  2. Gudetama is a Japanese character I think. He’s literally just a lazy egg 😂
    I’ve always been interested in Ipsy, I love small products, they’re so much easier to get through. It’s a shame Ipsy doesn’t ship to New Zealand though

  3. Gudetama is a Sanrio character. (Sanrio are the makers of Hello Kitty.) He’s a very lazy egg, basically. That’s about it lol. They wanted a lazy theme and they thought Gudetama was perfect for it.
    Anyway, I loved my Ipsy bag this month, and while the samples are insanely small, I can’t complain as I get 5 different products to try, especially from brands I’ve never tried before. (Not to mention, $10 is fairly cheap, but you do get what you pay for). You either love or hate Ipsy, I would say it depends on your taste too. I would also recommend Play! by Sephora, which tends to be a bit better than Ipsy for the same price. And the samples are a bit* bigger. 🙂

    1. You were one of many people to say that you feel the sample size is small, but I seem to be getting lots of full-size samples lately! I usually get a full-size bronzer every-other month, lots of full size brushes. Lotions and eye shadows tend to be small, but in general I tend to get lucky. I have been thinking about trying the Sephora one out it I get bored with IPSY but don’t think I need both.

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