Big Beauty Announcement!

I am so excited, I have a huge beauty announcement to make this week!

But first, let’s start with the back story.

I have been struggling with my skin for a long time.

First off, when I was in my twenties, I was pretty much addicted to tanning. I hit the tanning bed daily… my skin naturally is so white that I am transparent. I have European heritage. I am so white it isn’t funny. Well, for a while I was BROWN. Not on a healthy level. Now that I have hit 30, some unsightly sun damage has began to appear on my face and it isn’t flattering. To make the problem even worse, my job in boat sales leaves me outdoors quite a bit. Though I have gotten smarter and lather on the sunscreen now, this frequent exposure only intensifies the sun spots I already have.

A picture from my 23rd birthday, not even at my darkest. Again, my natural color is CLEAR so obviously I spent a lot of time in tanning beds

Second, pregnancy destroyed the skin on my face. I know I have blogged about this before, but I had a pretty rough go with hormone imbalances postpartum. I had terrible postpartum anxiety/depression, massive hair loss, and a lovely skin pigmentation problem called “Melasma”. Two and a half years postpartum I am managing my anxiety better, my hair has grown back, but I still have these hideous brown patches on my cheek bones and around my lips.

My skin without foundation. Sun damage galore! If you look to the left under my eye you can see my melasma patches. There is a weird brown line around my lip, also melasma. In general, a mess!

Recently, I decided I have had enough. One important thing I have learned about being a mom is that you absolutely need to take care of yourself, because if you aren’t feeling your best, it will reflect in how you treat your family. I am absolutely the type of person who feels at peace with myself being put together. Yes, I know having time for a hair or manicure appointment can be a luxury as a mother, but honestly, taking care of my skin should be the easiest part! All I need are the correct products and I can create a skincare regimen that works for me at home… no going to an appointment like hair and nails require.

So, I set off to my local mom group on Facebook (because how else do we solve problems these days, haha) and asked for help. I asked for skincare recommendations, specifically a dermatologist that others could refer me to for my Melasma and sun damage. To my surprise, the overwhelming response was not to see a dermatologist, but try out a skincare line called Rodan + Fields.

I was not familiar with Rodan + Fields at all, but as I started asking around and found countless friends recommending them. The products with the most rave reviews were the Reverse lineup of products (fighting pigment problems and deep wrinkles), and the Lash Booster.

I met with a consultant and decided I was going to buy them. These are professional level products… AKA not the cheap drugstore “wrinkle creams” I have been trying that don’t work. However, I found that signing up to be a consultant would get me lots of perks with no inventory and no obligation to sell at all… basically for the same price I get the ability to now buy everything for myself at wholesale 🙂

So obviously, I WENT FOR IT!

The big news today is that I am now a Rodan + Fields consultant! If you are interested in learning more about the product and what I am talking about, check out this link here:

A few things I want you to know about this:

  1. I am not changing my blog. I honestly love my blog and how it currently runs, and it is not going to turn into a place to promote the products I sell constantly. I have respect for my readers and I honestly find that obnoxious when other people do it.
  2. If I do occasionally share a product, it will be only something that I use and LOVE. I currently review beauty products and am honest in the thoughts I put online. I will never share a product that I don’t think is spectacular! I already do this in my beauty posts and will remain true.
  3. I have launched new social media accounts that are BEAUTY SPECIFIC! Again, I love my blog as-is right now. I share recipes, great wines, travel tips, and some beauty too. But it is a balance of things. I want to talk about beauty products more! Not just Rodan + Fields… I LOVE good lip kits, contouring, and anything else that works great and makes me feel fab. If you are a beauty blogger specifically and would like to follow me, check out my new beauty accounts: &
  4. Lastly, to celebrate I will be doing my first giveaway soon! Since I haven’t done a giveaway yet I am still working on the details, but it will be announced next week.


Well, that’s the big news everyone! I am very excited!

So, if you are already a follower, things will relatively remain the same. However if you have interest in beauty products, please join me on my new social media pages. I follow back! 😉

X.O. – Abbey Co.

7 Replies to “Big Beauty Announcement!”

  1. You know, I am also two years post-partum and I noticed brown spots appearing on my face and they have gotten darker over the past few months. Pregnancy does change your skin but the dermatologist told me it was also age. As you start to get older you develop more mole-like spots. I thought it was skin cancer (yes, I kinda jumped the gun but I was getting anxious that I probably had it). Anyway, the dermatologist reassured me–not skin cancer–it’s perfectly normal. So you’re not alone, I don’t like them either but i guess we just have to live with it, definitely take care of your skin girl!
    On the other hand, congrats on becoming a consultant! That must be super exciting for you! 🙂


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