Blogging and Social Media – My Thoughts

Is there anyone else out there who feels the social media struggle like I do?

Not only is it hard to keep up on what the latest social media trending is, but managing all your accounts is a total pain. In addition to that I struggle with all the negativity out there on the internet. Sometimes I look at things circulating and comments being made and wonder what the point of it all is?

Thankfully WordPress has plugins that allow me to share directly to my blog Facebook page and Twitter account, but I do wonder if I am giving them enough love quite frequently.

I currently have a Facebook Page, Twitter Account, Pinterest Account, and Instagram page all for my blog. Is that similar to what everyone else is using?

Instagram honestly is my favorite account to manage – I think because it is mostly pictures and less focus on words. Facebook these days seems to be so filled with negativity, politics and people arguing over things, I find it hard to get into (that and the teenagers at work told me that Facebook is for old people, haha!). I do wish it was possible for WordPress to have an Instagram plugin too…

Well, what are all you bloggers using for social media these days? Your favorite accounts, and what do you stay away from?

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33 Replies to “Blogging and Social Media – My Thoughts”

  1. I just use Instagram really. I do have a Pinterest and Twitter account, but I barely use them, and definitely not in connection with my blog. I feel it gets too confusing to try run too many social medias 😂

  2. I just use instagram and WordPress – I love both, feel that they give me the perfect way to keep in touch with friends and other bloggers, and don’t think I’ll be getting other social media anytime soon. There’s something really classy and simple about instagram.

    1. I agree about instagram and enjoy it a lot for that reason. I however have about 800 IG followers and it gets me only maybe 1-10 hits a day. My facebook page I only have 300 followers and it gets me about 20-30 hits a day. So I have been using facebook since the results are showing, but honestly I do not enjoy it since there are so many negative opinions and lots of politics on there!

  3. I prefer to just put the time into my blog which I have always seen as something separate from social media. I will post photos to Instagram but I might get a hit a month from there to the blog so I don’t see the purpose…? I agree though, there is so much negativity on social median and I try to limit my exposure which ultimately leads to limiting my activity. I think that WordPress should have an Instagram plug-in too, what a time saver that would be.

    1. Currently I have about 20-30 hits a day I get from facebook, which is much better than my other social media accounts. Which I don’t understand because I only have about 300 followers on there, where I have about 800 on IG. So I don’t quite understand why it works that way, but I do use facebook just because it is good for my traffic. But facebook also seems the most negative to me, so logging on there all the time gives me lots of crud to scroll through as I try to make connections and find other interesting things to share. That is a good point about putting the time into your blog – I guess I have been hoping to draw more followers to me this way!

      1. That’s interesting that there is such a difference beteeen the two platforms! I agree – I’m sure it can be utilized as a great tool, I wish it wasn’t so negative. I enjoyed the read!

      2. Facebook have sophisticated algorithms which is why your FB posts are seen by more people that your Insta posts. Essentially FB is about reach and Insta about Followers. I know which I prefer 😊

  4. I manage mine the same way – I’m connected to social media feeds via WordPress and let it automate. I rarely get on FB anymore for social connections, and quite frankly I have similar feelings about all social feeds. I think it is being over utilized in many ways and I also think that we have yet to realize the negative impact it has on mental health. I follow menta health for personal reasons and I see more and more people with mental health issues that can be linked to media and it’s overuse – lack of other stimulating activity exchanged for keeping up on social media. Just my thoughts

    1. Honestly I was suffering from anxiety terribly after having my first child (common) and in trying to fight it quitting social media was a huge part of helping me feel better. There is so much negative content on there that is very fear mongering and not having it in front of my face all the time helped immensely. I got more back into social media just because of my blog and am back to using it all the time, which I am not thrilled about. Thank you for your comment, this is great input!

  5. I’ve learned to focus with just two. WP and Twitter. These have kept me connected to a broader network community and saves me time. All tho I have used other social media programs like facebook and pinterest in the past. They take up too much of my valuable time. And I find very little benefit in FB or IG. But all of them are just tools by which we share ideas and info. Whatever program works for you is okay. Tho,Nothing can replace F2F. (by the by, your twitter is still protected. I don’t follow private accounts 😉

    1. Thanks for the input. I have my twitter protected because it honestly sucks…. haha! I have been working on getting content on there but don’t have much. It is my weakest link in regards to social media for sure. I enjoy instagram for its visual aspect, but am sure it doesnt get me much traction. Facebook is usually good for about 30+ views daily for me, so I try to use it but wish I had more of a following on there for sure.

      1. LOL. Know that feeling 😉 Have you sync your WP post to twitter? Could add content to your feed and save time. Just a thought.~cheers

  6. I use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all for vastly different things. IG to shop vintage and share all of my pictures, FB to stay connected with family, and Twitter to keep up with sports news.

    To be honest, I find that I am struggling to keep up with everything because I don’t WANT to. I don’t want to feel ANY kind of stress because of social media. I truly long for the days before they became a permanent part of our lives. I don’t want my son to always see me with a screen permanently in front of my eyes because I don’t want HIM to be addicted to social media.

    1. I honestly agree with you too, and it seems like such a chase to keep up with it all! then I have some social media accounts that are somewhat of a success, then others that are a total flop! I personally wanted to only use my blog and instagram since those are my favorites, but I was afraid I wasn’t giving myself enough exposure. I used to use facebook for just connecting with family and now feel like it is cluttered with so much garbage in my attempts at getting my blog out there and it drives me crazy!

  7. I hear ya, all of the Social Media can be overwhelming! I am currently on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter and also find I like Instagram the best. I’m still trying to figure out how to get more of those followers on Instagram over to my actual blog though.

    1. I am struggling with the same! I have about 800 followers on here and 800 followers on instagram, but I am 100% sure they aren’t the same 800 people! lol. I have a lot of worpress followers but my email follow list sucks. I really need to work on that too. Let me know if you discover the secret! 😉

  8. I just found your blog while looking for some new blogs to follow. Nice blog! You know-I struggled with this too for a long time. Facebook got SO negative that I deleted it-started a new one and keep it to family only. I found myself getting so stressed out from reading all the hate and rants. I use Instagram but I never thought about using it for my blog-duh. I do use Pinterest for my blog though. Not sure how many followers I got from it though. I only have 100 followers and I’m good what that. I suppose though it depends on why you blog. I blog because living in rural Japan is isolating and blogging helps me. It’s a part of my “social life”. That sounds depressing…lol.

    1. Thank you!! Yes I agree so much with Facebook. I have even made innocent posts on there and somehow ended up in arguments with complete strangers. Everyone is so mean and opinionated on there and genuinely don’t take other peoples feelings into consideration before saying things. I much prefer insta as it is mostly just pretty pictures. TBH I do get lots more traffic from Facebook than insta, but that won’t change my opinion as there is far less negativity in there. And I do relate to what you say about finding friends on WordPress – though I live in a city I am also a mom to a young child which leaves me with little personal time, and I have lots of fun chatting and visiting with people on here too!

    1. I agree it’s a lot to get set up. I just became a Rodan + Fields consultant and decided I wanted to promote it on social media accounts delegate from my blog… setting up a new Facebook and insta for this were so much more work than I remembered the first time around for my blog!! Insta is my favorite because it is really just pretty pictures. Not all these crazy articles and political fights like Facebook is.

  9. I haven’t made an FB page for my blog, I’m still wondering if I should but I think I might, only because I want to have the IG business profile lmao. That being said, IG is my go-to. I have the plugin that posts Twitter posts for every time I publish something. I don’t feel like I show Twitter much love though lol.
    IG is my all time favorite. Like you said, less words and more pictures. LOL

    1. I am so bad at twitter too! Honestly I dont LOVE having a business facebook, but it gets me a good amount of visibility. I feel like if your goal is ever for a post to go “viral”, that is the place for it to happen. Also, I try not to share things on my personal facebook often, but if I have a REALLY good recipe I will share it from my business to my personal facebook page and it will help my visibility too.

      1. That’s honestly the least of my concerns, I don’t care about going viral since my blog is done for fun and it’s practically a hobby. Not to mention, my friends and the majority of my family don’t even know I have a blog (they tend to be shit-talkers about what people chose to do) and my blog is my happy place so I want to keep it that way. I’m actually surprised that I have kept it a secret this long (two and a half years almost lol).

  10. I’ve shared a couple of blog posts on twitter and the first one received so much praise but after the second one was almost ignored I feel too scared to share any more posts in case people just don’t care! Do you ever get paranoid about that? But because I don’t share them and I have next to no followers they only get a couple views a day total…

    1. I think you just have to keep trying and interacting! The more you interact with other people, the more they will come back around to you. It takes a while to get things going, but as long as you are consistent it will happen! I have the best luck on wordpress, the next best for me is instagram.

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