Rodan + Fields Consultant Unboxing! First look as a new consultant

So, it is obviously no secret that I recently signed up to become a Rodan + Fields consultant. I have been talking about it a lot because I am quite excited about it!

Have you heard of Rodan + Fields? I am interested to know. I have heard that it has been really big on the East Coast, but is surprisingly now reaching the west more, even though they are a California-based company.

Well, the concept behind Rodan + Fields is heavy-duty skincare. I am not talking about the light drugstore stuff that makes your face feel a little more clean and refreshed… I am talking about dermatologist tested/quality deep wrinkle reversal and pigmentation correction! I was attracted to the product after deciding I have had enough of the wrinkles, sun spots, and melasma all over my face from years of sun abuse.

In learning about the product and company concept, becoming a ‘consultant’ was a very attractive choice, and here is why:

  1.  These are high-end products that average in price for $180 for a whole regimen, plus $150 for the much coveted ‘lash boost serum’. I was about to drop abut $350 on the stuff I wanted and guess what… you can become a consultant for as little as $395… YEAH that’s a crazy good deal!!
  2. You do not have to stock ANY INVENTORY. All your orders ship factory direct! AKA you can start a business without flooring thousands of dollars of inventory (*cough* Lularoe…)
  3. Even if you don’t sell tons, you can make a little side cash here and there, and buy all your own stuff at consultant pricing!!

My Rodan + Fields Consultant Kit
So, I decided I wanted to go BIG and signed up for the $695 package. This got me each of the 4 complete regimens, a full bottle of their “Active Hydration Serum“, a full bottle of their Coveted Lash Boost System, eye cream, etc. etc. etc…. but in all, a $1,300 value! I figured I am basically getting all these products at half-price, so I can use what I want and sell the rest and would easily make back my money.

First impressions… there was a lot in the box!! As a girl who is a cosmetics lover, this felt like Christmas morning. There was lots to play with, and I felt it was absolutely a good value for my money spent. The box was nice, interiors logo-ed, and all the regimens (sets of 4) were packaged neatly in their specific boxes.


I of course dove right in and put the products to use that night.

The 4-Step “Reverse” Regimen was the product I had signed up to use specifically, but I was pleased and surprised to find that there were a great deal of other products in here I loved that I wasn’t really expecting .

The Active Hydration Serum (shown on the left) made my skin feel exquisite, and the Night Renewing Serum (shown below) were these little magical pods that I TRULY felt started reducing my evil wrinkles within a few uses!!

Overall I was extremely pleased with my purchase, and was left wishing I started using the products sooner! Even if I do not sell anything from them, I will absolutely continue to use these indefinitely.

The Lash Boost is as amazing as everyone swears it is, for sure. I started using it on my eyebrows in addition to my lashes, since I have those terrible 90’s teenager over-tweezed eyebrows that my generation fell victim to (my girlfriend calls them sperm eyebrows… ew!! haha!). The growth I experienced in only a few days was significant!

After about a week of “Reverse” regimen use I did see my skin discoloration begin the fading process. The “Redefine” Night Renewing Serum helped my wrinkles far more than I expected, and in-general, my skin felt better than it had in years.

So in general, I LOVE these products and absolutely suggest them to you! If you would like to learn more about them, or starting your own Rodan + Fields business, please do not hesitate to reach out!!

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