Mid-October Check-In After my Captain’s Course!

I am sad to say that I have been relatively absent from my blog this month; a lot more than expected! Which is quite a bummer, since I had so many amazing posts planned for October. I will surely try to pick-up where I left off with my posts, but sadly will not be able to squeeze in as much as I had expected.

Why you may ask, have I been MIA from my blog during one of my favorite times of year to blog about? The reason is I was neck deep in a course for work to obtain my captain’s license with the U.S. Coast Guard!

Selling boats as a profession, as you can guess, is not the same year-round, especially here in Seattle where we experience seasons and it cools down in the fall/winter. As a sales person, it is always my goal to be professional and have lots of knowledge for my customers… when it comes to boating, I need to be the expert! Though I have lots of general inland boating experience, I am relatively a salt water novice. Taking this course was an incredible opportunity to expand my knowledge and confidence in operating larger waterways, especially ones that experience tides, or perhaps are out of reach of what my iPhone can help me navigate.

It was a completely eye-opening experience, but was a LOT more work than I expected! The course was 10 days, and there were 4 final exams; two of which I had to pass with a 90% to obtain my certificate! Needless to say, I spent all my free time studying instead of blogging to make sure that I passed with flying colors and made the most out of my time (and money) I invested in the course.

So, we will be back to our regularly scheduled fall and Halloween posts over the next few weeks, but I just wanted to update everyone on where I have been! I will be getting back to all of your comments ASAP – don’t think I forgot about you!

If you live in the Northwest United States and are interested in getting your captain’s license (6-pack, 100-ton, or 300-ton) I would absolutely recommend checking out the company I and my co-workers used, Flagship Maritime based out of Tacoma, WA.

Our instructor was a retired Naval Officer and was super knowledgeable, organized, and a delight to learn from. Our class had attendees from Oregon, Washington, and Alaska, all getting their licenses for their own reasons! A few were doing it for knowledge, some were opening their own fishing and chartering businesses, and there were even a few with plans to sail the world! It was an interesting conglomerate of class members, but it was also eye-opening to see all the possibilities that this captain’s license would create for everyone.

Thank you so much for your patience and sticking with me when my blog has been more quiet than normal. From this point on, you can call me captain!

(JOKING!) But seriously though, if you have any questions about obtaining your Captain’s License through the United States Coast Guard, feel free to comment below and I am happy to help guide you!

X.O. – Abbey Co.

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