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I am a few months into being a consultant for the skincare brand Rodan and Fields, which has been making waves in the beauty world. They are the #1 premium skincare brand in the United States, and are winning awards left and right for their products. The overwhelming response from people using Rodan and Fields products is that THIS STUFF WORKS!

However, I know that when it comes to trying a product for the first time, taking that leap of faith can be daunting, especially when the product is expensive! I thought I would share a quick Q&A post to address some of the questions that come up when someone is thinking about a purchase.

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If you yourself have been thinking about trying a Rodan and Fields anti-aging or skincare product and have questions for me, do not hesitate to reach out in the comment section below!

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Q: First things first, do the products work?

A: Easy answer, YES! I have tried countless skincare products for YEARS. I started with the affordable drugstore ones and quickly realized that those don’t work for crap and are just a quick way to give your money away without the sting of a big purchase. I moved on to the department stores and tried several brands and still did not get the feeling that I was experiencing the results I wanted. I was about to throw in the towel and go to a dermatologist, start botox, all the extreme stuff, but then heard about Rodan and Fields. I tried it and within a week saw drastic results, and after 2-3 weeks was THRILLED with my results! Exactly what I was looking for and more. I sell them because it works.


Q: What happens if I try something and don’t like it?

A: Everything comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. That is how sure they are that you will try and love the product.

Q: How do I choose the right product to try? There are so many.

A: That is what I am here for, and there is some trust involved! When I started I purchased a consultant starter kit that has pretty much EVERY key product in it. I have tried them all! I can make a few recommendations based on your skin type and what you want to accomplish.

Q: These products are more spendy than anything I have used before… how long do they last?

A: I started using Rodan and Fields in August and am still on my first batch of products… in November!!! Also, you likely won’t run out of the whole regimen at once – you will refill one or two every so often. It is not as big of a financial commitment as it may seem. Plus, by signing up as my customer, I can get you 10% off EVERYTHING plus free shipping!

Q: What special things do I need to do to get good results?

A: There is no secret; just use the products as directed and your results will be amazing! I honestly am not the best at remembering to use my products as much as I should… I skip days a few times a week and am still over the moon with my results!


Q: Why is Rodan and Fields not sold in high-end beauty and department stores?

A: Rodan and Fields felt that customers would not receive the right level of customer service in that setting. Purchasing from me, you will will get great product recommendations, and have my personal contact information if you have any questions about usage. If you ever need help, you know where to find me and I will be here for you! This is a big part of what makes Rodan and Fields unique.

Q: What makes Rodan and Fields products so special?

A: Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields have decades of experience in the skincare industry and have perfected their products to have amazing results without harsh side effects (trust me – you don’t need that scary chemical peel… just try Rodan and Fields!!). They use key ingredients such as Retinal in such a form that it is strong enough to provide the results you are looking for, without being strong enough to have huge side effects, or require a prescription.


Well, these are the main ones I have been asked so far – what other questions do you all have about Rodan and Fields skincare? Have you been thinking about giving it a try? I would love to hear more!

X.O. Abbey Co.

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