Five Reasons to Buy a Boat TODAY!

Hopefully by this point you all know what I do for work. Being a full-time sales person is a high-pressure job (*cough if I don’t sell anything I don’t make money*), however, am I lucky enough to find a sales job that is a ton of fun and I absolutely love so the pressure doesn’t feel as great. As you can imagine, being a boat sales person gets me outdoors and on the water A LOT, and after doing this for 5 years I simply cannot imagine going back to a desk job where I am locked in the office every nice sunny day.

A big part of the fun is that I work mostly with families, and they are making a purchase purely FOR FUN. No one needs a boat. When people come in, it is because they have worked hard and have the money to reward themselves with a gift that is truly awesome. This past year, our sales are exponentially higher than I have ever witnessed in my past five years in the industry… I know the economy is good here in the U.S., but other things aren’t. It had left me wondering about why so many people are making this the year to buy a boat, and after talking this through with friends and customers I think I am starting to see why.

Have you ever thought about buying a boat before? If it is something on your mind, here is a little list I put together based on customer feedback, and I hope it helps you see what today is the day to make it happen!

1. You only have 18 years. This is one I hear a lot from my boss, who is the father to two teenage kids. When I first heard it I found it relatively depressing, but when you think harder about it, it’s a sad but true statement. You only have 18 summers with your kids at home. 18 years where they live with you, rely on you, and their world revolves around you as their parent. Where they wake up at your house on a sunny Sunday morning and ask “What are we doing today dad?”. When my customers tell me their motivation to purchase a boat, often times it is because their best memories growing up were on the family boat, and they want their kids to have the same wonderful memories of their 18 years before they fly the coop too.
2. The world sucks. The world today is so different than the one I grew up in. Terrorism. Shootings. Hate crimes. Bullying. These things have so intensified within the past few years to the point where many people can’t believe it anymore. There is a lot of negativity, and people are searching for a way to escape it. When you are on a boat with your family and friends you aren’t going to be thinking about today’s headlines. You are having good old-fashioned safe fun outside of all the hustle and bustle and it is awesome.
3. Things only get more expensive. When I first started our average sale price was $85,000. Five years later we are averaging around $100,000 per sale. Companies raise their prices on average 3-5% a year to keep up with inflation and their increased production costs. If you don’t but this year, it is sure to cost you more next year!
4. The opportunity to unplug. Do you wish your kids/spouse/self would put their phones down more? Do you hate how everyone lives their lives these days through their cameras and filters? Boats are a magical place where everyone tends to put the phone down, not care about what’s happening on their friend’s insta story, and just enjoy life for the day. It’s a guaranteed way to get people to put their phones down and have FUN genuinely interacting with each other.
5. YOLO. I’m not trying to sound dumb here, or tell you to blow all your money, but the truth is that life is about the memories you make. It is important to save money and live responsibly, but that can’t be your only focus. Work hard, play hard… whatever you want to call it! Stop making excuses and get out on the water and have some fun 🙂

So there you have it… some easy reasons to help you justify a big purchase that is totally FOR FUN! Stay tuned because over the next few weeks I will be posting more about some of the amazing events you can participate in here in the greater Seattle area once you have your awesome new toy!

See you on the water!

Abbey Co.


Roche Harbor with kids 1
My daughter and I at Roche Harbor this past summer, buzzing around on the dinghy



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