Abbey Co. is Back!

Guys, it has been about a year since my last blog post and I miss it so much. I have missed writing, missed sharing, and most of all missed interacting with all my blog friends! Before I started blogging I had no idea what a fun network of bloggers there was out there on WordPress and in Seattle, and I feel like it is a part of my social life I have been sadly living without.

Truth is, I’m just a terrible pregnant person. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love babies and think my kids are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. However, the process of making them is pure horror. I hate being pregnant so much! It is so hard for me, to the point that sitting at a computer and writing my thoughts is honestly too much to work into my day. I am so sick and uncomfortable that I just want to sleep my life away so I don’t have to feel all the nausea and pain, but sadly my second pregnancy that didn’t even work because my last few months I threw up every time I laid down . I know pregnancy is a gift and there are women who would do anything to get pregnant, but that doesn’t make it a comfortable experience for me. If you are reading this thinking “but I’m at my best when I’m pregnant!” then I actually kinda want to punch you. Sorry. But not sorry, really.

Now that I am feeling well again, I am so excited to be getting back into things! Well, mostly I’m happy to be feeling like a normal human again and my baby is the sweetest, but having energy to put back into my blog is great too. I didn’t want to start my blog back up unless I knew I had the content and energy to do it, and at this time I have about 20 posts pre-written and ready to go, so to me that is a good sign and I am committing to it! Plus, we had a lot of fun as a family on maternity leave, so I still have lots to write about. We went to Leavenworth around Christmas, went to Hawaii in January, and I swear I baked from scratch almost every day (hello recipes!).

Carlsmith Beach Park 11

My cute toddler being a chicken and refusing to get int the water in Hawaii 🙂

With a year off from my blog I have had time to think about a lot and come up with ideas on what I want to write about. As always, I love scratch cooking/baking, so I plan to continue sharing lots of recipes! Now that food sounds good again my hubby and I are ready to get back into our regular date nights out, so be ready for some Seattle-area restaurant reviews. Also, this past year has held some big climate-related revelations, and my commitment to living a green and sustainable life is stronger than ever. So, I want to write more regularly about what we are doing as a family in attempt to keep the planet green and reduce our carbon footprint, hoping to inspire others to join the green movement. Throw in some crafting/baby/travel posts and other miscellaneous things floating around in my mind, and that’s my blog! 🙂

Thank you to my readers for understanding the break… hopefully that is the last one needed for some time!

X.O. Abbey Co.

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