The internet is going crazy over this new low-calorie ice cream… Have you tried Halo Top yet?

Halo Top is the new rage in the diet/health food world.

Have you heard of it? If not, I would be surprised. Just in case you haven’t, it is a new brand of ice cream where all of their products have less than 300 calories per pint. Yes that’s right ice cream lovers… you can dig into a full size pint and only put yourself back 250 calories or so!!! You can easily spot them in the ice cream aisle due to their gold “halo top” on their pints.

So, super low calorie while still delicious ice cream… how do they do this? Their claim is a low-fat, high protein mixture. You will notice that due to the low amounts of milk fat that the ice cream is particularly hard… the label even suggests letting it sit on the counter for 10-15 minutes before enjoying to allow it to soften up.

Fitness freaks are going crazy over this… the idea that you can shove down a whole pint of ice cream with no regrets at the end sounds extremely appealing to many!!


Of course, the internet is crazy, so you get a huge spectrum of opinions on this product.

The hardcore Halo-heads are doing insane things… I have even seen people posting about the ‘Halo Top Diet” where you basically ONLY eat halo top ice cream because it is so low in calories and high in protein (and of course, delicious). People on diets are doing things like throwing back a pint a night… something you would of course never do with regular full milk-fat ice creams.

On the other end, you have the people who are ANTI HALO. Yes that’s right, its 2017 now, so protesting an ice cream is a thing. However, the people against joining the Halo top cult do address good points, such as the fact that these ice creams contain artificial sweeteners, which though they are zero-calorie have been proven to not be good for your health.


I think Halo Top is basically the Diet Coke of the frozen sweets aisle.

It is a diet food, and does come off that way a little bit. The chocolate chips are small, the flavors aren’t overly sweet, and it is not very creamy. I think it is good, but you still won’t get the full feeling of indulgence that you get from a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

Artificial sweeteners have been linked to stubborn belly fat, and are not good for your body in general.

Also, did you know that artificial sweeteners are diuretics? I used to work in healthcare with elderly diabetic patients and more than once saw the result of someone eating way too many sugar-free chocolates… I don’t think I need to finish this story for you to get where I am going (EWWWWW!).


I think all things in moderation.

A pint of Halo Top won’t set you back a FEW THOUSAND CALORIES like a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, and I see that as a plus. If you let it sit out and soften up it does come across as a very similar texture to ice cream, and the flavors are good.

Would you live off of things like Diet Coke and Sugar Free Chocolates? Of course not! Enjoying some Halo Top now and again will not be the end of the world, and will keep you on track if you are counting calories.

When it comes to the artificial sweeteners used, they were smart and stayed away from the really bad ones such as aspartame.

Yes, I did eat one for dinner the other night, and I enjoyed myself thoroughly! No, I am not going to eat one for every meal of the day, or even once a day for that matter. I think that due to the low calorie count I will allow myself to enjoy ice cream for dessert more frequently (maybe once a week?) where I was trying to indulge less than once a month before.

I DO suggest you give Halo Top a try and make an opinions for yourself 🙂

17 Replies to “The internet is going crazy over this new low-calorie ice cream… Have you tried Halo Top yet?”

    1. I hear you… that is why I am liking the Halo top so far… fewer calories feels like fewer regrets… but still not something you want to indulge in all the time

    1. You should give it a try! I think the oatmeal cookie and pistachio are some of the better flavors. It definitely feels less sinful than digging into a pint of Hagen Das!

  1. I LOVE their ice creams. Just discovered them a few months ago and I really like them and I’ve never been able to put away a pint in one night so they last me awhile!

    1. Yes I agree, I find them quit a bit more filling so I do believe their claim to be ‘high protein’. Most times I can only do 1/2 at the most, but this time I went for it 🙂

    1. You should give it a try! I think after 15 mins on the counter it comes across a lot better. I feel like something about it must be too good to be true too, but I also feel a ton less guilt over a pint of this compared to the latter!

  2. Hmm, I saw that in the store and gave it a 5-sec glance, figuring it to be bs coconut ice cream or fancy gelato. I’m tempted to try it! I like getting a pint of ice cream when my husband goes away on travel for work (my big indulgence!), but this would be so much healthier than B&J. I do hate the aftertaste of artificial sweeteners, though – do you taste any?

    1. I think it is worth a try for sure. I haven’t had all the flavors, but the birthday cake one I could taste artificial sweetener so I would skip that one. I think the oatmeal cookie, lemon cake and mocha chip flavors all are very good and could have totally fooled me into thinking it was real full fat ice cream!

      1. So I bought some today because it was on sale – and it was pretty good! I got the vanilla bean. (Okay, I had some and then made a champagne float – which is seriously delicious!! You must try it!) It had a slightly off flavor that I couldn’t put my finger on, but after a few bites it tasted normal. All in all, quite a low-guilt treat! Thanks for posting!

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