Birthday Haul – Sneek Peek at my Presents!

Seriously guys, this birthday month was one of the best I have had in years! I guess I should say that it was more a birthday 2-weeks, only because by the time my actual birthday rolled around I was so tired of going out and chubby from eating desserts that I just couldn’t anymore. I gained a few regrettable pounds, but in all it was great! Much better than the previous few years where I just shrugged my age off and said I didn’t need to celebrate. My guess would be that some people may think being 32 its time to quit putting less excitement into my birthday, but I disagree! There is nothing wrong with enjoying life and finding reasons to celebrate, even if your age isn’t anything special anymore.

Well, the gifts I got this year were AWESOME, and extremely unexpected. There was an underlying theme to them, which I took as “Abbey is a closet nerd” haha! Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones were all part of this theme. Never before have I been so surprised by my gifts, in a very awesome way! So without any further delay, here is my birthday haul!

First, let’s start with the present from my hubby. All he prefaced this gift was that it isn’t jewelry, but never in a million years did I think I was getting a working Star Wars Driod!

This is a real working R2D2, made by a company called Sphero. Sperho has a lineup of smart electronic toys, but their coolest are all Star Wars driod characters. The driods drive independently just like a remote control car via the Sphero app. From the app, you can also make your driod conversational, with a dozen different noises and movements available. There are some pretty boss options available in the app too, such as the fact that you can turn a Star Wars movie on and your droid will interact with it, and you can also draw him a path to ‘patrol’, where he will navigate around your house on his own, just like a Roomba would.

If you want more info on this cute little guy, check out this link! R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid by Sphero


We were instantly enamored by this little guy, especially my daughter who gave him a full tour of the house to show him where we eat, sleep, take baths, and so on. It was ridiculously cute!

Next to arrive were the gifts from my sister… A HARRY POTTER ACCIO WINE sweatshirt (gosh, she knows me!), and a custom Abbey. Co coffee mug with my pictures and branding!! I am not going to lie, I felt like a total boss rocking the mug with my own logo for my morning coffee the next day!

My dad surprised me with some Game of Thrones swag, including two GOT mugs with gold rims that will surely be put to use with our glorious kegerator downstairs. I have yet to share a post with you guys on our homemade kegerator, but it is homemade from a full-size refrigerator and is super boss. We have some autumn craft beers on tap in the kegerator at the moment, which somehow feel super appropriate in these GOT glasses.
I am a little ashamed to say that I did quite a bit of birthday shopping for myself too… someone please tell me that you buy birthday presents for yourself so I can feel better about this, haha!

I have written about my JustFab membership briefly before, but if you are unfamiliar with JustFab they are another subscription that I am addicted to! They say the program is $39.95 a month but you can opt out and shop anytime at their great member prices ALL THE TIME. This is what I do every month honestly… I just hit ‘skip a month’ when it comes to the subscription, but shop all their crazy 50% off sales when they come around! My birthday coincided with a huge sale, so I loaded up. One pair of boots, two pairs of booties, a black tunic, and a super cute thick flannel, all for $119!! Free shipping too! How do you say no to that guys.

Also, I just got approved as a Just Fab affiliate, which means any of my followers get their first style of shoes at $10 through this link!

There were more presents on top of this, plus one dinner outing, one golf outing both with friends. I am truly spoiled!

Well, thank you everyone for thinking of me this birthday, it really made my day… or should I say month! Love you all!

X.O. Abbey Co.

PS… Don’y Forget!

Just Fab Pic

Use this link to get your $10 SHOOOOOES!!



Disclaimer – I am an Amazon Affiliate. If you decide to shop any of my links, I of course appreciate it a lot! There is no premium charged from using any of my links, and the proceeds go towards keeping my little blog afloat!

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