Five Things I Treat Myself To (for myself and my sanity) Now That I am a Super Busy Mom

Not going to lie to you pregnant, first-time moms out there; becoming a mom is hard! For some people I think they fall into it perfectly, and others really struggle, not necessarily with the task of having a child, but with the identity change you go through when it happens. I was a person who struggled, I think because of how huge of a transition it was. I had always been so social, living downtown hanging out with my girlfriends and going out to posh dinners and bars pretty much every day. In my spare time before these nice happy hours and dinners, I would walk downtown and spend HOURS at the Nordstrom flagship store perusing the designer shoe section and Dior makeup counters, often making purchases just for fun! FAST FORWARD: we just moved up north to the suburbs and I was now instead a hermit on maternity leave recovering from a C-Section whose daily hi-lights involved watching “Live with Kelly and Michael” and having enough energy to push a baby in a stroller around the corner to Starbucks. Not glamorous.

In my first year of being a mom I struggled a lot, with how I looked, how other’s perceived me now. It was all a good learning experience for me, and by my daughter’s first birthday I was in a much better place with myself. The reason for that is I realized that being a mom doesn’t change you, it adds to the person you already were in an amazing way. However, to feel like the person you once were and loved being, you have to keep doing some of the things you did before to give yourself that feeling! I am a working mom with a long commute and felt like I never had time to do anything… purchase makeup, plan a nice dinner, get my hair done, buy a cute new pair of shoes… etc. etc.

Since I no longer have the chance to spend an hour just browsing the MAC counter at Nordstrom anymore, I had to find some compromises. Here are a few things that I picked up in the past year that keep me feeling happy and taken care of like I was pre-baby.


  1. Amazon Prime Now I could just rave about Amazon Prime Now forever. If you aren’t familiar, it is basically free delivery of anything you order on Amazon within TWO HOURS. I can’t tell you how many times I have Prime-Now’ed some dry shampoo to get me through another day when I didn’t have time for a shower or a trip to the drugstore. They also do groceries, so on my lunch break at work I will order my week’s groceries from our local PCC Natural Markets and schedule delivery for when I get home. Guys, I shopped for a WHOLE CHRISTMAS PARTY with Prime Now this year. I’m talking wine, fancy cheeses, fresh baguettes, cured meats, eggnog… you name it! It will save you so much time and sanity and really doesn’t cost much more than a normal grocery trip.
  2. IPSY Ipsy is a company of magical people who charge you $10 a month and send you a goodie bag of beauty products. You fill out a survey when you start so they know what kind of products you prefer, your skin type, etc. and from there the good times roll. Since signing up for Ipsy, I haven’t had to make a trip out for eyeliner or mascara once since they send me so many samples. It is fun too, since you get to try new products all the time, and though some are sample-size they surely last you a few months at least. This has saved me so much stress from having to run out to refresh my makeup stash, and it is a fun way to keep feeling pretty.

    My stash of Ipsy “Glam Bags” I have received so far. So beautiful!
  3. Just Fab Is my recommendation for any ladies who were shopaholics (like me) but don’t have time to head to the department stores anymore. It is a monthly membership where you can choose to spend $39.95 with them to get free shipping, or just skip the month and pay nothing! They bonus is they do HUGE promo sales all the time… I got three pairs of boots on Black Friday for $50!! Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t high-end Nordstrom-like purchases you are making, but it will still give you the chance to keep your wardrobe fresh and new without spending lots or trying to make time to go anywhere.
    Some super-cute purchases I have made on JustFab so far

    These booties are such a win and I paid so little!
  4. Lularoe Nothing caused me more angst than wondering when my belly was going to be flat again, or if it would ever be. Lularoe makes the STRETCHIEST, buttery soft leggings with a super-flattering waistband. Perfect for post-partum moms, especially C-Section ones. Plus, the clothes are so stretchy and flattering that they will fit you and look good in all forms of life, whether you shed that baby weight or not.
  5. Your HAIRDRESSER. Don’t quit her ladies! If there is one thing that made me feel terrible it was staring back at grown-out roots and a super messy mom bun in the mirror. I did have to quit my hairdresser downtown since we were now out in the suburbs, but I found one literally right around the corner from me to make life easier. I know you wont be able to go as often, but making a regular effort to get there will help. If you are north of Seattle, I suggest checking out my girl Angela at Salon Pluma in Bothell who has been keeping me so fresh and blonde post baby!

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