How we plan to celebrate Easter from home

One way we are trying to stay sane amongst all these recent closures is to find a way to accomplish activities we normally like to participate in outside of the house, of course, while staying in. My feeling is that the longer we go without acknowledging special days of the week, or if we give up on really celebrating holidays everything just blurs further together, and the meaning of life gets a little lost.

So, despite being ordered to stay inside for Easter this year, we are not going to let that prevent us from having a great celebration at home! How do we plan to do this, you ask? Here are some of our ideas!

-First and foremost, we don’t want to forget the religious significance of Easter. We are not the most religious family, but our poor au pair who is currently locked in with us is Catholic and I know misses church quite a bit. We plan to live stream a service and let her choose which.

-Second, we are going to have a blast with our Easter Basket hunt! Just re-use the same baskets from last year (I actually have a nice set of wicker ones I got in our Buy Nothing Group I always re-purpose). Though many stores are closed and you don’t want to go out constantly as that defeats the purpose of staying in, you can still score tons of candy on your weekly essentials run! On our last grocery store trip I grabbed the standard candy eggs, chocolate bunnies, and some fillers like bubble wands and board books. Technically, you can always order on Amazon, but with how overwhelmed shipping centers are now, buying in person is the right thing to do.

Sustainable Easter Basket 3
This is last year’s basket – the basket and over half the items were off Buy Nothing! Obviously with current conditions I am not exchanging goods with neighbors, but I use this basket every year!

-Of course, the Easter egg hunt must go on too! We don’t have many plastic eggs to hide, so my daughter has been cutting out and coloring some paper eggs for us to hide. A fun project to keep her busy days before Easter, and also as the only egg collector in our quarantine group, it will be plenty to search for, haha.

-The egg decorating must go on, too! I wrote this blog post years ago about how to dye eggs with natural ingredients such as spices and vegetables. We plan to do this again using natural things in our pantry/spice cabinet to create the colors, and then we will use the boiled eggs to make an egg salad we can eat for lunches later in the week. Double win!

-A few days before Easter we plan to make this standby cookie recipe and decorate with our Easter theme cookie cutters. If you don’t have cookie cutters on hand, you can always use a glass to cut round cookies, then simply ice with a pastel color frosting or even light sprinkles, and the spring vibes will still be enough to convey that they are a proper spring cookie.

Easter Sugar Cookies
From the recipe above – easy cut out Easter cookies with sparkling sugar on top

-Okay, the part I know you guys have been waiting for… the food! On Easter, I love to throw a huge delicious brunch after church. The essentials of a good brunch would be one one sweet item, one savory/egg item, one meat item, and making sure that you include some kind of vegetable and potato dish.

Here are my menu thoughts:

For my SWEET, I am stuck between a Monkey Bread and a beautiful Bundt Cake like this Olive Oli Orange Cake from Baked Explorations.

monkey bread fresh out of oven
My monkey bread fresh out of the oven! So ooey-gooey and delicious!!

For my SAVORY DISH, I will definitely do my Easy Quiche, and plan to do it with asparagus, bacon and cheese. So there is my veggie too! I get fancy with how I arrange my asparagus and it really turns out beautiful.
For a SIDE DISH, I plan to make a basic fruit salad with grapes, strawberries, blueberries, and peaches. I like to keep my fruit salads simple – just fruits that all their juices are delicious together, but not so many that you can’t even designate a flavor.
For my POTATOES, I have some mini golds that I plan to roast. I haven’t written a blog post for this one yet, but the secret would be to brown in butter on the stove-top, then season and pop in the oven for a while to finish browning.
Most importantly, FOR DESSERT!┬áIf you aren’t into making a huge meal to celebrate and would rather feast on a treat as a family, I have two that are almost impossible to decide between. First, let me tell you that I hate raisins, so don’t worry about me telling you to put them in a cake. However, I LOVE CARROT CAKE, and I think it is a perfect way to celebrate spring and Easter! HERE IS A LINK to my absolute favorite carrot cake recipe. It is flavorful, moist, and decadent with the cream cheese frosting (and no, you cannot tell there are vegetables in it!). Please give this one a try, I know you will love it.


Well, were these enough ideas to get you going? Are you feeling more inspired about your Easter celebration at home this year?

If there is something else fun and/or special you plan to do, I would love for you to leave a comment with your link below! Wishing you all good health, and lots of joy.

X.O. – Abbey Co.

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