Kung Fu Girl Riesling 

It feels like it has been too long since I have had some good wine conversation with my readers. What are all you sipping this summer?

Of course, I have been enjoying some great Washington Wines! I think in the United States, California gets all the credit for great wine and it is unfair! Washington State is just an amazing and versatile place for growing grapes and making amazing wines.

What is especially awesome about Washington’s ability to produce wine is that there is a diverse climate, allowing for diverse flavors. In Western Washington, you have a somewhat rainy and temperate climate, and Eastern Washington features extremes with HOT summers and snowy winters. If you have not heard of Walla Walla in Washington State you should look it up – it is our little Napa in the bottom right corner of our state and I think the wines are fab and come in at much better prices!!

This find is out of Walla Walla Washington, from a wine maker named Charles Smith. He carries a variety of lines, all extremely reasonably priced. The Kung Fu Girl Riesling is from his Charles Smith Wines line, which to me are all perfectly balanced wines that are great to have on your stand-by list. If you need to grab an affordable bottle for a summer party (I think Kung Fu Girl usually goes for $11 max??) I would suggest Kung Fu Girl or any others from this lineup!

The Charles Smith website explains this Riesling as “white stone fruit, white peach, apricot, cool and delicious”, which I think is the perfect description…. just a super refreshing and not too sweet patio sipping wine for summer. I do not like wines with high residual sugar, but prefer they still have a nice floral and fruity flavor, which this wine absolutely does. If that description catches your attention, then I absolutely suggest you give the Charles Smith “Kung Fu Girl” a try!


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