My Fav Rose… Just In Time for Summer! 

Confession: Francis Coppola is my guilty pleasure winery.

All their wines are extremely affordable with some of my favorites in the $15-$25 range, and I feel like their quality drinks higher than their price range.

Plus, the winery itself is very fun to visit… I admit it is very Hollywood/gimmicky with old set pieces from Coppola films, but I love it! There is a lot to do at the winery and it is a good family experience kind of place to go. If you are not familiar, they are located in Geyserville, which is North of Napa, but still a very attainable winery to visit if you are in California wine country.

This Rose itself just gets me. It is from their “Sofia” line, and runs about $19. It has a very berry-herb kind of nose, and my first two sips always hit me with a refreshing raspberry/citrus taste. If I had to pick one wine to sip at the beach all summer, this would be it. Added plus is the packaging is cute! If you are crafty I am sure this bottle could be transformed into a trendy candle holder or vase.

So, if you are on the hunt for a perfect sipping Rose, the Francis Coppola Sofia Rose is my suggestion! I just picked one up today and am enjoying every sip 🙂

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