One Lovely Blog Award – My First Nomination! <3



I am pretty new to blogging – I created my blog in November, but only really started posting and participating regularly in March. So, this is the first blog award I have been nominated for and I am quite tickled! I feel like it means that I am finally starting to engage with people on here and make new blogger friends, and also that people enjoy my content enough to follow and enjoy reading, which means a lot to me! So, thank you Grace for my first nomination 🙂

I was nominated by the lovely Grace Hickson who is a beautiful person with a beautiful page!


Here are the rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog
  • Post about the award
  • Share 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 people
  • Let your nominees know you’ve nominated them!

7 Facts About Me:

  1. I am a relatively sporty person – I enjoy watching sports and participating in them! I snowboard, golf, and like watching football and soccer. My husband and I don’t usually miss watching a Seattle Sounders or Seahawks game!
  2. I moved across the country from New York to Seattle by myself when I was 17 years old for a boy… a story that my daughter will never know the truth about!!!
  3. I broke my foot walking once. Like, literally walking through a parking lot I twisted my ankle and snapped the bone in half. I was so embarrassed over how it happened I didn’t want people to know my foot was broken, so I covered my cast under my jeans for 4 months (thank you bell bottoms for being in when I was in highschool!!). The day I missed school to get my cast removed my teachers didn’t believe the story of why I was absent, because they had no idea I had a knee-high cast for months.
  4. I boat almost daily at work. I sell new sport/luxury boats including the brands Cobalt and Malibu Boats if you are familiar. I get rained on almost daily too 🙂
  5. I LOVE Disney and will never grow to old for Disney movies! Now having a daughter who loves Disney, we usually unwind for the night by watching a movie together in bed. Our favorites are Tangled and Frozen (I LOVE Moana too!). I can’t wait to see the new Beauty and the Beast!
  6. Before pregnancy I couldn’t eat spicy food. I had no tolerance for it at all! My first week of being pregnant (before I even knew I was knocked up) I was craving spicy foods like crazy! I now can eat and like SUPER spicy foods… my husband jokes it is because our daughter is 1/2 Mexican, haha.
  7. I’m really fucking funny in real life. I feel like I am usually pretty serious on here and that likely doesn’t come through, so you will just have to trust me. I might swear a little bit too… working on that!

Okay, Blog Nominations!

This part was really hard for me, guys! I didn’t realize how many amazing blogs I follow and interact with daily until I was forced to pick 15 ONLY to nominate. I also guess that I don’t really know the criteria for who to nominate, other than blogs I like, so this will be quite the potpourri of nominations! I tried to nominate bloggers who I interact with a lot who I have not seen posting awards all the time. If I didn’t nominate you, it could be very well that you have a beautiful blog but other people have already nominated you A MILLION TIMES. Either way, I love you all, and thanks for reading 🙂

  1. Dancing With Fireflies
  2. Copper Spoon Cakery
  3. Uncustomary Housewife
  4. Winsome Baker
  5. Popcorn and Chocolate
  6. Restitchstance
  7. Natalie Vinh
  8. Prosecco and Palm Trees
  9. By the Pounds
  10. Ginger Fox
  11. The Hungry Mum
  12. Bay Area Beauty Blogger
  13. Invisible No More
  14. My Frank Family
  15. Busy Bee Blog

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  1. Congratulations on your nomination! I’m a newbie blogger as well, so it makes me happy to see you get a nomination so early on. Your job sounds so fun, even if you get rained on. 🙂

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