Dense and Delicious Banana Bread Recipe

A very dense and delicious banana bread recipe. Add walnuts or coconut, or just make it traditional. Banana bread is my favorite warmed with butter or cream cheese on top 🙂


The First Crazy Skincare Fad I Have Participated in – Affinitic Snail Cream from Ladykin

Affinitic Snail Cream by Ladykin. My first time trying a Korean (or snail for that matter) and I absolutely love it. Read my review here and see where you can purchase it on Amazon!

Ladies – It’s Time to Quit Bottle Shaming

Breastfeeding is HARD. Who ever let us believe it is easy? This post tells my struggles with breastfeeding, which are normal to have. I was not prepared. A lactation consultant was not able to help us. I eventually switched to exclusively pumping (EP'ing), and then formula when my milk ultimately dried up. Thank goodness someone invented formula so that little babies survive when they have no breast milk to drink! It is time to stop bottle shaming women who are not able to breastfeed.

Matthews Winery, Woodinville WA

Matthews Winery in Woodinville, WA recently gave their tasting room a face lift, and we stopped by with friends to check it out! It was a beautiful atmosphere with a great lineup of wines to boot. They are participating members in the Woodinville Passport program. We love them because they are open until 6 unlike other wineries in that area that close early, and the atmosphere is very family friendly.