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About Abbey Co.

What do you do when you have a silly fun family that loves to eat good food and travel?

Write about it, I suppose!

The Abbey Co. Blog is about so much more than that, so I do hope you read along and enjoy. Though you can be sure to get your fill of good eats and destinations here, there is a lot of real-life discussion. From sustainable living and advocacy, to mental health and momming it is all covered.

Cooking + Baking

Food is such an amazing way to share and learn. It teaches us about cultures, history, and brings us together at the dinner table. All of my recipes have been carefully compiled and come from the heart!

Travel + Outdoors

We aren’t the kind of family that sits still much, as you might be able to tell from our adventures! There is so much in the world to explore, and I enjoy sharing our favorite finds along the way.

Restaurants + Wineries

The amount of love and backbreaking work that goes into starting a restaurant or winery is incredible. As I find special new spots I write about them, in hopes that you discover them and love/support their business too.


I enjoy collaborating with businesses and other bloggers immensely! Whether it be to join forces to come up with an amazing post, to write a positive review about your restaurant/winery/small business, or even just to brainstorm ideas, I am here for you.

I also am skilled in website design and freelance writing, so if you wish to discus either of those services, I would love to chat more too!

Please complete the contact form below to reach me, and I will respond to your request promptly!


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