Dining out by Boat on Lake Union – Featuring Westward Seattle

The boating scene is an incredible part of the lifestyle here in the greater Seattle Area. Not only are we lucky to be surrounded by the Puget Sound, but right in the middle of our city sits Lake Union which boasts beautiful waterfront views and places to dine out. Lucky for us boaters, some of these waterfront restaurants have dock space, meaning you can boat up to them while enjoying a day on the lake to grab a bite or a cocktail!

Lake Union can be accessed by boat from several different directions – through the Montlake Cut which attaches Lake Union to Lake Washington, or through the Ballard locks which leads all the way from the Puget Sound into Lake Union. Since Lake Washington is so large (approx. 22 miles) this means if you dock or launch in many of Seattle’s accompanying cities (Bothell, Kirkland, Bellevue, Mercer Island, etc.), Lake Union can be your destination!

Map of Lake Union

My dad happened to be visiting us here in Seattle this summer, and with a gorgeous sunny forecast in our midst, I decided a boat trip was a must. Not only is boating fun, but it’s a great way to get a different perspective on the city and experience a lot of different areas in one day. Our boat for the day was a gorgeous new Cobalt R5 Surf (working in boat sales has its perks :)), and we launched out of my work in south Bellevue.

We made our way from Bellevue to Lake Union, which was a good 50 minute jaunt taking into consideration the no-wake zones through the Montlake Cut. On the way we admired the beautiful waterfront homes and yachts buzzing by.

Montlake Cut 1
Idling through the Montlake Cut Underneath the University Bridge

Arriving at Westward was a piece of cake, thanks to their 100-foot dock – there was plenty of room for us to tie up! Though we have dined out at Westward countless times, there is something exponentially more fun about arriving by boat.

Family Boating Cobalt Boats 1
Unloading the fam upon arrival at Westward

Westward Seattle is a well-recognized/awarded restaurant with an ‘on-water’ themed menu. You will find many items featuring very Northwest seafood staples such as salmon, crab, and a full menu of fresh oysters that changes daily. Not only is their menu great, but I absolutely love them for their vibe… especially the patio! Instead of it being hard pavement, they laid a loose sand-like gravel and set out patio chairs, umbrellas and fire pits with surrounds made out of oyster shells. It truly feels like a destination… pulling up to the dock my sister-in-law commented that she felt like we were on vacation!

On the way back we took our time and stopped in Cozy Cove near Hunt’s Point for a surf session. In our younger days we would go out wakesurfing with friends ALL the time, but it has been a while… I think it was my husband’s first time on a board in at least 5 years! At the time I was about 5 months pregnant and already having a difficult time putting my shoes on, so I let the guys have all the fun and stuck to driving. My daughter saw dad surfing and was determined to do it too, so we let her play on the board for a little while floating in the cove and soaking up sunshine.

Wakesurf Lake Washington 23
My hubby surfing the Cobalt R5… its been a while since we have been on a board but he did great

It was a fabulous day on Lake Union/Lake Washington and a great way to spend a lazy Sunday here in the Seattle area. Next time you are on the water, I suggest giving Westward Seattle a try by boat for a fun new experience 🙂

Westward Seattle


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