Trendy Spring décor… Skip Pottery Barn and head to the Target $3 bin!

The Target $1 bin traps me every time. It is always there, purposefully lurking in the entrance waiting for me to walk right in the doors and instantly start making frivolous shopping decisions. I guess that is what Target shopping is all about!

This past year, Target has made a successful attempt at taking more of my money, creating a higher-end $3 bin. Yes that’s right decor sophisticates, a $3 bin.

However, I am not here to hate on the $3 bin, I am actually paying it a compliment.

With March recently arriving, I have been on a spring decorating fritz. Luckily for me, my husband and my daughter both love it when I decorate the house for the season, and I am seriously thanking the Target marketing team for sucking me into your trendy little $3 bins.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a total sucker for Williams-Sonoma seasonal collections. I would die to have a China set for every specific holiday under the sun. I LOVE to decorate and I love nice things. BUT, in my early thirties with a kid I have plenty of other stuff to pay for, and don’t feel bat about this compromise one little bit!

This past Target haul I scored glass rose gold votive candles (which you can totally re-use as future votive candle holders btw.), a rustic glass milk jug, and a cute ceramic bunny (I am debating using for a succulent planter), all for $3 each. I can’t wait to see what other adorable items continue to appear as we approach Easter!!

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