DIY Project – Handmade Wedding Seating Chart turned into Toddler Activity Chalk Board!

1300The picture to the left is how this whole thing started. If you can’t tell what that is, it is a hand-made seating chart board that my husband and I created for our wedding.

It is about 3-feet tall and 1 3/4 feet wide, and it is just  a piece of plywood we picked up at the hardware store, in addition to some molding we got at the same place. The background is painted navy blue and the trim gold, and we just glued pictures of us onto the board along with the seating assignments, and it served its purpose quite well. After the wedding we weren’t quite sure what to do with this giant board, feeling slightly nostalgic about it and hesitant to toss it out, but also were a little annoyed with all the space it took up to store and just sit there. Luckily, we did not toss it, and my hubby had the great idea to re-purpose it as an activity board for our toddler!

All he did was tape off the frame since it was a very pretty gold, and with a can of black chalkboard spray paint just put a few coats over the background color we used at our wedding!

Now, we use it for practicing writing numbers and letters, and having fun drawing inside on days where it is too rainy or cold to use the chalk out on the driveway.

My hubby has got quite talented at drawing Ewoks and Minions with the help of some YouTube How-To videos. Aren’t these simply adorable!? You can see my two-year-old’s scribbles trying to help out, so sweet.

If this looks like a little more effort than you would like to put into this project, you can score one of these seating chart boards on Amazon for a relatively minimal cost. I think we spent about $13 making ours, but you can buy one like this here, and only be in $40 (plus free shipping if you are an Amazon Prime member!).  

Be sure to click the link, the picture they provided as a sample is not as cute as the alternative images they have with the listing… you will understand what I mean as soon as you click.

Personalized Wood LIke Wedding Seating Chart Sign Table Seats



We had an alternative idea to make our daughter, but I honestly ran out of time and effort, but I am sharing with you on here just because I love it! If we did not make this little activity board, we would have strayed towards something like this table below with a chalkboard top. I think you could refinish almost any side table with chalk paint, but for the sake of supporting handmade crafts you can also buy this item exactly through Amazon Handmade (think Etsy).

Check out the link below!

Kids Game and Activity Table, Chalkboard Finish, Wooden Table Game


Other essential items to make this craft:

Krylon I00807007 Chalkboard Aerosol Spray Paint, Black, 12 Ounce
Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Metallic Acrylic Craft Paint in Assorted Colors (2-Ounce), 32103 Gold
Crayola 64ct Ultimate Washable Chalk Collection

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Amazon Affiliates program… I am not sponsored by any of these products, I just really like them! I do however get a little kick-back if you purchase anything through the links provided. Prices are no different than if you were just shopping on your own 🙂

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