Getting Married 7 Months Pregnant

My husband proposed to me WELL before our wedding and before I got pregnant. We booked our dream venue and were moving forward steadily with our wedding plans, dropping non-refundable deposits all over the place.

I will never forget the day I tried on my wedding dress. I kept telling the girl at the dress shop about how I was having the WORST and longest PMS of my life. I complained about how bloated I was and my boobs were huge and gross and she kept saying “Don’t worry hun! PMS goes away! You will be so skinny and beautiful on your wedding day.” I truly appreciated her reassurance and ordered my wedding dress knowing I would look amazing in it my wedding day just like she said.

Trying on my dress not knowing I was a few weeks pregnant.


Well, turns out girlfriend was dead wrong! After about another week and a half of this I decided to pee on a stick just to make myself feel better knowing it was terrible PMS and to my absolute shock, I WAS PREGNANT!!!! With the wedding just under 7 months away I naturally did what any normal over-hormonal, freaking out bride would do and started power-dialing people completely loosing my mind. I was in such literal shock that I don’t even remember the majority of what I said on the phone. All I do remember is that all my fiancée said “WOW” for about 20 minutes straight, and my best friend asked if I was in jail when I told her to guess my big news. Thanks guys. {sarcasm}

After sobbing uncontrollably for three days straight about how fat I was going to look and how my dream honeymoon now turned into my maternity leave, I was able to pull myself together long enough to have a serious conversation with my now hubby about what we were going to do. With how my work busy season runs (basically no time off in summer) and the number of deposits we had placed, we decided the show must go on with our plus-one crashing the party.

There were a few things that totally saved me and kept me sane through all this, hope these tips help you too.

  1. You need a good tailor. End of story. No matter what type of dress you are trying to jam yourself into, your body is going to change countless times between when you purchase your dress and when your actual wedding day is. The dress shop I purchased from (Calla Bridal) gave me an amazing referral, and she met with me monthly up until the month of my wedding, then bi-weekly after to make sure we could make things work just right. With her help I was able to wear a very form-fitting dress instead of covering myself up in a mumu like I had expected I was would need.
  2. Surround yourself with good people. Being pregnant and watching all your best friends go out and party together without you is hard enough. Watching your bridesmaids look perfect and skinny in their dresses while you feel like a beached whale on your special day is so much harder. But my friends and bridesmaids were amazing! They threw me the absolutely sweetest bridal shower at a local tea house, and it was so classy and so perfect for anyone, let alone a preggy bride. A group of my besties/bridesmaids took me out for a prenatal massage at a spa the week of the wedding so I could feel pampered. The night of our wedding my sister stayed with me, chatting and drinking tea in bed. The day of our wedding one of my girlfriend snuck up to our rehearsal room to wish me good luck and hand me a bottle of vinted non-alcoholic champagne so I had something special to toast with at the reception. Don’t get me wrong, my fiancé was so supportive, but let’s be real and admit there isn’t a man out there who can relate to the feelings of what a pregnant bride is experiencing… not even close. Without the support and love of these wonderful girls in my life, I would have been sad and lost, but they made me feel so special and we made many great memories!!
    The so unbelievably cute “high tea” theme bridal shower my girlfriends threw me


  3. Know your limit and don’t push yourself past it. Every girl wants her wedding to be perfect. Every girl has thought out every tiny little detail of her wedding since she was little. But hey news flash, you are a host to ANOTHER PERSON who lives inside you right now. That’s friggin intense, and a serious lot of work on its own. In the grand scheme of things, your pregnancy is much more important than the decorations at your wedding. I made my own invites, centerpieces, table numbers, seating chart, etc. etc. etc. but then I started to run out of steam. I wanted to hand make chocolates as party favors for every guest. I wanted a big glam honeymoon. But in reality all I was up for was buying a box of macaroons at Whole Foods and a road trip to Cali. And you know what? That’s okay. No one remembers my stupid macaroons… they were all drinking wine and having fun! I can go on vacation anytime… I didn’t need some big lavish untimely honeymoon to wear me out and force me into labor in some foreign country. Don’t push yourself and remember it’s only 9 months and you still have a whole new amazing life to live as a family when your LO gets here.
    My stupid macaroons 😂
    Our wedding cake had a surprise in the middle… a pink layer, because it’s a girl!!!

So to any preggy bride-to-be who is reading this… I know this isn’t the wedding you dreamed of. However, if you keep yourself as calm and sane as possible through all of this, you will absolutely still look back at your wedding as one of the best days of your life! We embraced it and had fun with it (we did our wedding cake as a gender-reveal cake… super fun!!) and I know you can do the same. The life you have ahead of you as a new wife and mommy will be the most full and rewarding you have ever lived and I am so excited for you!!

Daddy kissing his precious little girl on our wedding day! One of my absolute favorite pics.


Photo cred for wedding pictures: Ashley Mae Scott Photography


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  1. Wow, so touching! And I like your writing style – so natural and real, helps to read on one breath! Lots of love to you and the family, and more happy surprises like this one (though maybe less shocking) 🙂

  2. Hello abbey, can I ask how far along you are in these photos?
    I found out I am pregnant 3 days ago and my wedding is in October and we are freaking out how will I look in my wedding dress if I am pregnant. Please any advice thank you.

    1. Hi Melissa! I am 7 months in these photos. I was totally freaking out too! I ordered my dress up two sizes and had tailoring appointments scheduled for 6 weeks prior, 2 week’s prior and the same week. I would say a dress with a flowing bottom would allow you much more wiggle room… mine was fitted so it took a lot of work to make sure it was fitting me just right. Something with an empire waist would have been a lot easier! Good luck! I understand all the emotions but when you look back on it a few years later you will see your pictures and smile and remember it being a wonderful day 🙂

  3. Hi Abbey!! I’m also a seattle bride! We are getting married in April, and I just found out I’m about 5/6weeks pregnant. I’m PANICKING because my dress is a super tight mermaid gown and I’ll be about 5 months pregnant on our wedding day. Luckily the bridal store told me not to worry, they’ll make my dress work. But I really don’t want to look huge! You look super tiny at 7 months! I’m hoping I won’t be showing too much. Sigh!

    1. Hey girl!! First of all, congratulations!! When I found out I was going to be pregnant for my wedding I cried for like months… my poor bridesmaids had no idea what to do with me because pretty much every time we talked about wedding stuff I would just break down over how everyone would be pretty and skinny for the wedding other than me. Oh pregnancy hormones! However people told me I would look back on the day and think it was special and not be upset about it at all and they were totally right. At five months you will have the cutest bump! Just rely on your tailor and they will make the dress happen. A good photographer who knows how to pose a bump is helpful too! Best of luck to you, try to be excited and not stress yourself and baby out too much. It will all be wonderful memories before you know it.

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