Dining Out in Chelan – Campbell’s Pub and Veranda

Campbell’s Resort is a very popular place to stay when visiting Lake Chelan. One thing to know however, is that even if you do not stay there, they have a restaurant that is a lovely place to grab a bite if you plan to head out to dinner instead of cook at your campsite or resort!

Campbell’s Pub and Veranda is attached to the resort, and is located at a prime spot downtown. Not only do they have a huge parking lot, but from there you can walk to other local shops, or over to the bridge for a beautiful view of Lake Chelan.

Our last visit we stayed at Campbell’s Resort, so it was only natural to grab dinner here one night of our stay.

Every time we have dined here, the staff have been extremely pleasant. The hostesses are always full of compliments, and this time around I was very tickled when the waiter brought two booster seats to our table… one for my daughter, and the other was for her beloved puppy dog Polka to use. When you are a parent, you are a sucker for the little things like this, since you know what a difference they make in the eyes of your child, especially at an age where everything is so magical to them.

If you were to guess who ate what I am sure you would guess wrong, since I was the one who opted for the big juicy burger and my husband went for the Ahi Salad. Both meals were delicious and I gobbled up every single one of my truffle fries! Their menu changes all the time, but if you ever see lobster risotto on there make sure to grab it, since theirs is just decadent!

One of my other favorite things about dining here is their superb wine list, featuring a large selection of all the wonderful wines there are from around Lake Chelan to enjoy. The Nefarious “Consequence” is my all time favorite patio sipping wine, so if you are out on the veranda looking to cool down, be sure to grab a glass.

After dinner we walked across the street to B.C. Ice Cream for a scoop to end our day. I tried to find a link for them but only found terrible Yelp reviews (yikes), but our interaction seemed fine, and my toddler got a treat which of course is all that matters to her!

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