Salt and Straw Seattle – Inventive Ice Cream Flavors Done Deliciously Right!

Salt and Straw is a popular West Coast ice cream shop, found anywhere from San Diego to Seattle. Admittedly as a Seattleite I was jealous of their Portland location for years as I was hearing foodie buzz about them, but never bucked up the courage to make the 3+ hour drive for a scoop.

Now that they are here in Seattle (both Ballard and Cap Hill) I am ecstatic to be able to enjoy their imaginative ice creams year round! I have always been a sucker for the honey lavender, but their summer and fall series have been FOR REAL so good. In August I grubbed down on some caramel corn (YES this is the one Hailey Beiber was famously raving about on her insta this summer… don’t @ me Hailey!), and now in September I am polishing off a Pollick Pumpkin as part of their student inventor series – I can’t wait to see what fun October brings!

Abbey (@abbeyco.seattle)
The sweetest little ice cream sampler you will see! She especially loves their strawberry balsamic flavor.

There are a few things I think are awesome about Salt and Straw:

-they feature local ideas and flavors… check their website, all menus are exclusive to each specific location. Their September tradition, the “Student Inventor Series” allows 4th graders in their respective cities to invent Salt and Straw’s fall flavors, and proceeds of sales even benefit the respective school the child attends! Gotta love a business that keeps it local and gives back. <3
-they are super imaginative when it comes to flavor combinations… did you ever think you would like or try corn, tomato soup, balsamic, or even Beechers Cheese in ice cream? Well I sure didn’t but I have sampled and enjoyed them all!
-everything there isn’t sickeningly sweet… they embrace the savory flavors too! I am someone who personally gets ‘sugar’ed out’ easily… I simply can’t eat that many sweets in a week! If you are the same, I would suggest trying their Ellenos yogurt flavor – it has a hint of matcha too and is savory, rich and fantastic without punching you with too much sugar.

Salt and Straw Ballard 6.jpg
Pollick Pumpkin at Salt and Straw out of the Student Inventor Series is my current fall fav!

Abbey (@abbeyco.seattle)

Not only can you get these inventive scoops in shop, but they have equally fun sundaes and floats. If you don’t have time to dine there, bring a pint home!

Okay so please excuse me while I go eat a salad and get yourself to Salt and Straw to check these September “Student Inventor Series” flavors out before it is too late!

Abbey (@abbeyco.seattle)
Sugar rush, anyone?

X.O. – Abbey Co.

P.S. – They have a cookbook too! Are there any other ice cream makers out there? Hubs and I have an ice cream maker attachment for our Kitchen Aid mixer and love to (try) and get creative with our own ice creams from time-to-time. Below are links (affiliate) to the cookbook and the attachment we use – take a look!

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  1. What a fun experience. The last time we were at Salt & Straw, they had a Halloween inspired flavored with actual bugs–my kids still talk about it!

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