Camping at Alta Lake State Park, WA

Well I just shared with you the story of how our RV journey started and how much fun we had – so of course I need to follow by sharing some of our favorite destinations!

In just 5 months we logged TEN trips here in the beautiful PNW! In normal travel times we like to find a fun destination and explore it entirely, but in the terms of shops, restaurants, beaches, and so on. Interestingly enough, 2020 changed our style of travel entirely, where instead of attempting to immerse ourselves in town, we were searching for remote hikes and unknown viewpoints. The less people, the better!

kids swimming at alta lake
Look how beautiful and clear the water is! Alta Lake is chilly similar to many Eastern Washington Lakes, but that didn’t stop us from swimming all day! It was a nice break from the heat.
Camping at Alta Lake State Park
It was a very hot day, but thanks to the remoteness of the location the beach was not too full. We were able to seek and find plenty of personal space where we were able to keep to ourselves and safely enjoy nature.

Alta Lake was a destination I had never heard much about, surprisingly seeing that I have been part of the PNW boating scene for over a decade now! I suspect it is because it’s a small lake and campsite – there isn’t space for Crescent Bar-sized gatherings in the slightest.

Why I loved Alta Lake

That’s of course okay though, and I instantly became a fan for a few reasons. The first is the unmistakable crystal blue waters of the lake. It has that Washington State patented crisp clear water, and though it was chilly, the heat of the air allowed us to swim and play comfortably all day. The campsite was a short walk away from the beach, and even with little kids in tow we were able to make the march down every day with all our gear, no problem.

The next thing I loved was the size and cleanliness of the campsites. One thing I noticed really quickly when we started RV’ing was how many sites are wedged so close together… I mean, why would I travel this far into the wilderness to sandwich with other humans like sardines?! This was easily one of the most spacious campsites I have seen in Washington, and it was also clean and quiet. A really wonderful place for disconnecting and enjoying Eastern WA!

Can you see the quail in the grass? They were all around and the kids loved watching them.

Things to do near Alta Lake

In all, we enjoyed this trip so much, and plenty more Alta Lake reservations are in our futures as we seek to soak up that Eastern Washington summer sun we are so fond of!

To book campsite reservations at Alta Lake State Park (or any other Washington State Parks) use this link here! Use the map below for location reference. If you have any questions about camping at Alta Lake State Park, please do not hesitate to ask!

X.O. – Abbey Co.


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