Lunch at Ascend Prime in Downtown Bellevue

Ascend Prime Steak and Sushi is a more recent opening in downtown Bellevue, and it is one that has been getting a lot of talk. The buzz is that the food is fantastic, but prices are extravagant. I know some people who have given them a try for these exact reasons, and others who have steered away for the same.

Working in Bellevue, it is always convenient to pop out for a lunch date with a girlfriend or the hubby, so this occasion was to celebrate a birthday! When my girlfriend suggested Ascend I was instantly like “YES!” with an afterthought like… “I wonder if I just committed myself to a $200 lunch”, haha. My friend has been a few times and explained that they actually have a new prix fixe lunch menu – three courses for $31 to which I said “hell yes!”.

The network of several elevators you have to take to find the place is a little confusing, but once you step in the view will take your breath away. I feel like I have dined everywhere in the greater Seattle area that claims to have the best view; from big ones like the Space Needle to Canlis, to other gorgeous spots such as Aqua by El Gaucho and Ray’s Boathouse on the Puget Sound. However, I was especially entranced by this one… perhaps because I am so used to Seattle views that a Bellevue perspective was refreshing… but either way, it is stunning.

Ascend Bellevue View.jpg
The spectacular view of downtown Bellevue park and Lake Washington from Ascend
Ascend Bellevue Interior
Very moody, very northwest decor with the hanging driftwood tree stumps

We were seated at a booth with a view, and the lunch traffic was not in the slightest overwhelming. The options on the prix fixe menu were fantastic and so good that it was hard to choose. Hmmmm, I guess I will just have to come back again! Haha. They started us off with the cutest and most delicious little buns and we ordered quickly.

Ascend Bellevue Bread

My menu choices were :

Starter – White Miso Chowder
Main – Kurobuta Pork Belly
Dessert – Skyfall

The Miso Chowder was fantastic. I thought the idea of a chowder with miso broth was actually fantastic for a light lunch. No heavy cream in sight here! The pork belly was also great – there was one dumpling in there with a bitter filling that threw me off a little, but I avoided them and stuck to the pork and broth and was in heaven. Also note, there is a rib eye option you can pay a little extra for if you want to do the true steak experience here.

When dining out you always want to end on a high note, and the Skyfall dessert was exactly that. If you want a dessert with a ton of substance, this might not be for you. However, if you want a dessert with a ton of flare, then hands-down, go for it! Again, my feeling is that lunch is a light meal, so this was everything I needed and more. The presentation gets a full five stars!

Ascend Bellevue skyfall
The Skyfall dessert… seriously, what gorgeousness is this?!

In all, I give Ascend a resounding YES vote, and must go back ASAP! Hubby sadly was excluded as this was a girls lunch, so I think we need to plan a date night soon.

So, have you tried Ascend in Belleuve yet? If so, what did you think? If you haven’t and price is causing you hesitation, I surely suggest this lunch prix fixe menu while it lasts!

Ascend Prime Steak and Sushi

10400 NE 4th St #3100, Bellevue, WA 98004

(425) 625-2080

X.O.  –  Abbey Co.

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