Creating the Perfect Mezze Platter

A beautifully assembled Mediterranean Mezze Platter can become the talking piece of your entertaining table, or a fun way to spice up a boring dinner night at home. Learn more about what makes a mezze platter, and see the ingredients I used to assemble the one pictured!

7 Ways to Enjoy a Safe Seattle Christmas This Year

This is surely not a normal Christmas. In fact, it is a really hard one! Though we aren't able to have parties and enjoy the holidays like we normally do, there are still some fun and creative ways to enjoy the holiday season in Seattle this Christmas. Here is a list with some ideas!

Giant Cinnamon Roll Recipe (With Cream Cheese Frosting!)

This giant cinnamon roll is a staple of special events in my household - I bust this recipe out for birthdays and brunches galore, and it is always devoured! I am not a lover of super sweets, so the savory dough combined with the cream cheese frosting is an absolutely perfect balance. You want to pin this one for sure!