I by no means am an expertly trained chef. Definitely self-taught, and have learned a lot of things in the kitchen the hard way! My cooking tends to be more on the comfort food side, but it is something I truly enjoy, and I only write up a blog post on a recipe if I am sure I have it perfected.

My strength definitely is baking! I think the best recipes I share are baked goods, so if you decide to give anything a try, that would be the one (ha, ha).

Living a sustainable lifestyle is important to me, so I attempt to do a lot of scratch cooking , and try to eat vegetarian/vegan when I can (I believe the term for that is ‘flexitarian’ if you want to label it). My goal in sharing these kinds of recipes (when I do) is not to force that type of cuisine on anyone, but just hope to get you to try it and see that cooking from scratch is easier than it sounds, and that vegetarian food can be really delicious.

I hope you enjoy the recipes I share! If you have any feedback or questions, please let me know.

“For me, the cooking life has been a long love affair, with moments both sublime and ridiculous. But like a love affair, looking back you remember the happy times best.”

Anthony Bourdain
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