Succession Winery in Manson WA, Fantastic Patio Setup with Fabulous Wines!

Our exploration of the Lake Chelan area wineries seems like it could be endless. There are so many wineries, some that have been there for years and some just popping up. Every trip we make there is another tasting room popping up and catching our eyes, so it is hard to keep track and even hard to get to them all!

This past trip we were staying on the Manson side and wanted to try something new (to us), and Succession Wines was picked randomly as we were driving by. I think part of the decision may have also been that they were open until 6pm on Sundays, opposed to everyone else closing at 5.

When we arrived, the garage doors were open from the tasting room to the patio, and there was live acoustic music coming from outside. There was an equal-parts enormous and adorable winery dog napping on the floor that we just couldn’t leave alone, and we took turns admiring his cuteness along with the fantastic view of Lake Chelan.

Succession Wines Lake Chelan Winery 6

A plus for us, this place is very family friendly, as you can tell by their corner supply of toys and coloring paper. There are bins of blankets so you can continue to stay cozy and snuggle up with loved ones as temps drop in the evening. In all, the location is clean, trendy, and cozy. All the things I love really!

Succession Wines Lake Chelan Winery 2

Obviously, what is a tasting room without great wines? Well here we felt every taste was a welcome one. It is surely a place where you won’t find anything you want to pour out, and as you taste something and think it can’t get better, you will be surprised by your next sip on the list as it is just that much more enjoyable. I have to say though, for a hot Chelan summer afternoon, the Rose sure stood out the most and a few glasses were certainly ordered.

In all, we found everything at Succession to be highly enjoyable and it has made it on our “When In Chelan Must Visit” list!

Succession Wines Lake Chelan Winery 4
Full on mom uniform for our outing on my part… jump suit, fuzzy slippers, and baby in the carrier! haha!

Succession Wines:

78 Swartout Rd, Manson, WA 98831

(509) 888-7611

X.O. – Abbey Co.

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