Washington Foodie Scene at its Finest – Brasserie Four, Walla Walla 

The winery scene is the main reason people visit Walla Walla, but is not the only piece of the puzzle that makes it a fun place to visit. The foodie scene in Walla Walla is THRIVING! There are some extremely noteworthy restaurants and cafes, homemade candy and cheese shops, and even a Monday-night food truck festival that runs the course of the summer. Add in the amazingly hot and dry summer weather and Walla Walla is an ideal Washington vacation destination in my book!

We are big believers in asking the locals about places to try. I know that there is SO MUCH on the internet these days, but it can be overwhelming to do so much research just to find a place to go, when asking around can more often than not land you at the best place in town to try. We did exactly this while in Walla Walla, and the resounding answer was “Brasserie Four”.

Brasserie Four is a French inspired restaurant located in a charming historic building on the main street in downtown Walla Walla. The location feels relatively small, but not so much when you compare to the size of the town. The interior is modern and decorated with displays from local artists.

A snapshot inside Brassiere Four Walla Walla
A snapshot inside Brassiere Four, Walla Walla Washington

On to the menu. We decided that we were going big for this dinner… no holding back because we were afraid of the calories; we were on vacation and ready to splurge a little! This decision making tactic landed my husband on the foie gras burger (a duck burger topped with actual foie gras), and me with a creamy scallop dish. They both were over-the-top in regards to flavor… absolutely unbelievably delicious! In addition, the wine list was spectacular and our waitress did a fabulous job making suggestions. We were dining with a toddler who loves her fruits and veggies, so we asked just for a simple serving of cooked vegetables and some apple slices, and they still went out of their way to plate them beautifully.

After the meal, we were truly so blown away that we asked the waitress if she could give our compliments to the chef. To which she replied, that the kitchen is open and they would actually be thrilled to hear it themselves! So, I went to the back and said hello through the window and passed along our regards and love of our meal.

Brasserie Four earned five out of five stars for our experience, and we will surely pay them a visit every time we return to Walla Walla!

Brasserie Four
4 east main street, walla walla

Brasserie Four Burger
My husband’s duck burger – so indulgent!
Braserie Four French Dining
This may not look like much on the plate, but this dish was composed of perfectly cooked scallops and sausage in a cream sauce. It was so good that it will stand out as one of the better meals I have hand in a restaurant for a long time!


Brasserie Four Kitchen
A quick snap I took inside the kitchen when I was allowed to say thank you to the chefs

Brasserie Four Wine
Their impressive wine selection at Brasserie Four. So many are local to the Walla Walla region!
Walla Walla dining Braserie Four
A peek at the bar seating at Brasserie Four – you can see into the kitchen in the back through the window in the center

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  1. YUM! This is one of my favorite spots in Walla Walla! I’ve never tried that fabulous looking duck burger though . . . will have to remember that on my next visit. 🙂

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