5 Simple Secrets to Writing a Successful Meal Plan

What feels more Monday than a blog post about Meal Planning? Hopefully you find some inspiration here as you plan your weekly meal plan, and it becomes more like second nature to you as you continue writing them from here on out!


Pan Seared Scallops With a Bacon Cream Sauce

I feel like all you need to do is read the title of this recipe to know that it is friggin delicious. A few months back, I would have never thought to eat scallops in a heavier cream sauce like this, but then an experience dining out where I had BAKED scallops in a lovely flavorful sauce just like this sold me for life! Scallops. Bacon. Cream. This recipe is a winner!

๏ปฟ10 Minute Dinner Idea – Caprese Tortellini

10 Minute Dinner Idea - Caprese Pasta Salad with Tortellini! This dinner is so delicious, it isn't even fair how easy it is to whip up. If you want a more sophisticated dinner on a week night where you don't have much time to whip something up, I would suggest giving this recipe a try!

Memorial Day Weekend Means Summer BBQ Season is Finally Here!

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us... that means that summer BBQ season has arrived! After spending 6 years living in a loft apartment downtown, last year was our first summer in a long time where we had a yard to entertain in... we had a BLAST and BBQ'ed ourselves out! We must have had a …

Homemade Taquitosย – Quick and Easy for Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

Super easy recipe concept for homemade taquitos. Minimal ingredients and quick cook time gets you a super fast and delicious Mexican dinner just in time for Cinco de Mayo! We will be celebrating in Seattle with these on the Opening Day of Boating log boom and boat parade... come join us for a fun on-water Cinco de Mayo celebration 2017!

5 Simple Tips To Make Your Cooking Exponentially Better!

Five simple tips that will exponentially make your cooking better! These are all super easy things to do and implement that do not require any skills at all. This is a great tutorial for a beginner in the kitchen who is looking for advice on how to give their food more flavor and moisture!