The Sugar Factory Bellevue, fun for all ages!

Chances are that if you follow any celebrities on social media, you have seen them at one point celebrate a special event at a Sugar Factory location. With spots in Las Vegas and NYC featuring super Instagram-worthy drinks and desserts, these locations are hot spots for special events like bachelorette parties, 21st birthdays, and beyond. They are a popular destination since not only do you get so share on social video of your elaborate ‘smoking’ cocktail filled with candy and goodies, but you get to walk their red carpet for a photo shoot on arrival, and shop at their giant candy store that is attached.

Believe it or not, the Sugar Factory opened up a location here in Bellevue, Washington in the past few years! I had always thought my first visit would be on a girls night out to enjoy the cocktails and have fun snapping pics together, but ironically enough it instead was for my daughter’s fourth birthday.

The idea came about when she was asking me about what I planned for her party. Her birthday is in February so we always are limited to indoor activities because it’s just too cold out! Poor girl will never get her backyard bouncy castle birthday party she dreams of. And I know she is only 4 but I feel like we are starting to run out of indoor party ideas already… we have already done the children’s museum thing and I feel like every kid in the world did their birthday at one of those trampoline places this past year. She is a special girl and I wanted to think of something for her that would stand out and be super memorable for her.

Earlier that week I saw a post of a celeb at the Sugar Factory enjoying rainbow-colored sliders with their kid, and it frankly looked like a ton of fun! I had never thought about them being a family-focused place, but the more I researched the more I realized this place can be a super blast for kids too. Their big signature goblet drinks that steam when poured over dry ice can be made virgin for kids, and their milkshake desserts are next level… the kind of dessert that comes with like 5 extra desserts on top of it! I decided that the Sugar Factory would be our birthday destination this year, and that we were just going to go have a blast eating all the sweets a kid could dream of in one sitting.

One of my best girlfriends has a daughter whose birthday is the same week as my daughters, so we decided to do a double family date to celebrate the 4 and 7 year-olds birthdays together for some added fun. We spent a solid 10 minutes playing around with props and taking pictures on the red carpet when we arrived, and the girl’s eyes bugged out of their heads at the sight of the posh adjacent candy shop.

Sugar Factory Bellevue Kids Red Carpet
Cute little birthday girls on the red carpet at Sugar Factory in Bellevue!

We of course started with two orders of the rainbow sliders which were super fun and yum. Knowing kid attention spans would be short, while we waited for our entrees we let the birthday girls and pick out and order their special milkshakes. My daughter of course selected the most extra one on the menu… a Cookie Monster theme that was a blue Oreo milkshake, a mug dipped in chocolate ganache with cookie bites stuck into it, cookie and doughnut toppings and even a Cookie Monster cupcake on the side! Let me tell you that she didn’t even half this and when we got home she told me she needed to eat vegetables the rest of the week, haha! My girlfriend enjoyed one of their goblet cocktails and I did their special valentine milkshake that was covered in chocolate dipped strawberries and candy.

Sugar Factory Bellevue Drink
I wish I remembered which goblet this was! I did a milkshake instead and that was so over-the-top.

We took a million pictures and had a ton of fun. The girls enjoyed it so much that my daughter even asked me if that could be her new birthday tradition. Was it a little cliche? Yes. But was it fun? Super! I would absolutely recommend it for a birthday or special event for any age group.

Thanks for the fun birthday dinner Sugar Factory!

X.O. Abbey Co.

Sugar Factory Bellevue Candy Shop

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