Nefarious Cellars, My Favorite Wines at Lake Chelan

Nefarious Cellars on the south shore side of Lake Chelan is a small tasting room. They do not feature large banquet rooms or space to entertain, but in my opinion, they offer the absolute best wines around the lake to taste.

If you are planning a day out wine tasting, it should be easy to fit Nefarious into your schedule. They are just seconds away from other big hitters on Lake Chelan, such as Tunnel Hill and Siren Song. They are also less than ten minutes away from downtown Chelan, so the location is perfectly accessible.

You can spot the red barn-style tasting room nestled just far enough up the hill to feature a beautiful view of the lake for you to enjoy as you taste indoors. They also have a small patio behind the tasting room where you can sit to enjoy a full glass and take in the views.


Approaching the front door at Nefarious Cellars
Simple but lovely location



Now, of course we need to talk about the wines.

I have never tasted something here that I did not like… I would almost go far enough to say LOVE!

Out of the reds, their Syrah would be my choice to take home. We are lovers of intense and complex reds, and this wine is that exactly with tons of flavor featuring dark fruits and spices.

When it comes to the whites, picking a favorite would be as hard as picking a favorite child. Well, I guess I lie because I only have one kid so picking a favorite is actually easy at the moment, but you get my point.

If you are looking for a perfect patio sipping wine, give the Consequence a try. It is a white blend featuring Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and a spec of Vioginer… it is extremely floral and flirtatious. I don’t like sweet wines, which leads me to why I love their Riesling. It has all the flavor of one, less the overly sweet residual sugar that usually puts me off.

The few times we have visited in the past and only brought home a bottle or two, we found ourselves greatly regretting it later… just take a case home and know you will thank yourself later 🙂

Nefarious Cellars’ back patio featuring a beautiful view of Lake Chelan


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