Dining Out in Chelan – Sorrento’s at Tsillan Cellars

Ask me what could make a restaurant perfect. Okay, ask me that but the answer can’t be the obvious (the food).

I would say the next two most important things would be having an incredible view and amazing wine list.

Well, this restaurant technically has it all then! Tsillan Cellars (historical spelling of “Chelan” if you are wondering where the name came from) located just outside of downtown Lake Chelan is nestled on top of a hill looking over the lake, and oh yeah…. it is a winery attached to a beautiful restaurant!

The restaurant attached is named “Sorrentos Ristorante”, and yes you can totally wine taste while you are waiting for your reservation!

I think you can tell from their name that they are Italian-inspired, and this location just begs to host your romantic date night or trendy brunch with friends on a wine-tasting Sunday.

This visit was a treat for me on Mother’s Day weekend. We headed here first on our day of wine tasting, and yes of course I had the eggs benny with a mimosa! All the wines you can sip on in the tasting room can be ordered by the glass in the restaurant, along with some specials such as their bubbly!


The inside of the restaurant
My delicious brunch! Eggs Benedict with bacon, and of course a mimosa for toasting myself on Mother’s Day!
Let’s pause for a picture of my cute toddler

Okay, back to the restaurant.

img_0790-1Another thing to love about this location is their sprawling pack patio and garden area. From the arch in the picture to the left, I am sure that you can tell that they do plenty of weddings here thanks to the breathtaking views and general awesomeness of this venue. There are waterfalls, coy ponds, and gardens for you to explore with plenty of seating out on the patio.

This is the kind of place you could just spend all day while visiting with friends and sharing a bottle of wine as you soak up the always-perfect Lake Chelan summer weather.

If you are visiting Chelan with friends and are looking for a great place to dine out and taste wine, I absolutely recommend you try Sorrento’s Ristorante at Tsillan Cellars! Bonus points… they do brunch Sundays from 11am to 3pm 🙂

My daughter leading me on a wild adventure around the patio to get up to the waterfalls 🙂

The beautiful covered patio and coy pond
Inside Tsillan Cellar’s tasting room

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