Seattle Brunch Spot – Ivar’s Salmon House

*UPDATE* This is one of my most viewed posts, so I feel like I am obligated to tell you that sadly, Ivar’s Salmon House no longer hosts weekend brunches like this. Ivar’s – get it together and start these back up! The people have spoken and they want brunch.

I love brunch.

Who Doesn’t, really.

Well, my girlfriends and I are always searching for new fun brunch spots. Things that would make a brunch successful for us would be (obviously) really good food, and some kind of option for bottomless mimosas. I guess our standards aren’t too high 🙂

When living in Queen Anne I woke up one Sunday and texted my girlfriend (and also next-door neighbor at the time) if she was awake and wanted to head out to brunch. We were in the mood for a brunch with a view and were having a hard time thinking up ideas. I worked around the corner from Ivar’s Salmon House on Lake Union, so naturally their view came to mind, so we gave them a call to see if they do any type of brunch.

Guys. Ivar’s has lied to us all this time. Clams are not their thing. BRUNCH IS THEIR THING!!

My girlfriend and I were enticed enough by the explanation we got over the phone and headed to the Salmon House to check it out. We walked in to see a ENORMOUS Sunday brunch buffet. I think the price was around $33 per person and a bottomless mimosa was available for around $12 (see I told you the bottomless mimosa was a requirement). Totally reasonable, especially since they were serving unlimited King Crab!

They must have had at least 6 different stations including an omelet bar, fresh crab and seafood section, a whole line of brunch staples, and a dessert bar with a full-on chocolate fountain! We were in foodie heaven.

I feel like this spot doesn’t get the publicity they deserve as there are so many desperately trendy new places popping up like weeds everywhere. Since then we have frequented their brunches for birthday parties and get-togethers and always have an amazing time!

My GF Brandy who discovered this amazing brunch with me


Brioche French toast? Salmon deviled eggs! Honey butter? Yes to all please!!


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      1. +Apparently they have but why don’t they clean up their website here which shows a brunch

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