Meatless Monday – Easy Vegetarian Power Meal

I somehow got my beefcake husband to buy in on meatless-Monday’s.

Don’t ask me how, because I don’t know.

He is the kind of person who on a diet can eat ‘just one doughnut’ instead of two… and still lose weight. Excuse my eye-roll, but it drives me crazy (as I sit here eating my lunch consisting of skim milk and gluten free/sugar free cereal, UGH).

I feel like doing “meatless Mondays” is a good way to start my week with a healthy, veggie-focused dinner, and in-general I enjoy eating vegetarian a good portion of the time. Luckily, he has been teaching me what things fill him up more than others, so I can cook great “meatless Monday” dinners that are actually sustainable to him.

He likes lots of beans in place of meat, but I have been trying to talk him into beets, which he hates. He grew up eating lots of canned vegetables, so I have been slowly convincing him he doesn’t like some veggies because he has never tried them fresh and nicely prepared.

This meatless Monday I grabbed a golden beet thinking I could trick him, and it worked wonderfully! A red beet would have totally given me away 🙂

My simple list of ingredients:

  • 1C rice cooked
  •  8oz fresh green beans
  • 1 fresh yellow beet, peeled and sliced thin
  • Salt/garlic powder/pepper dusted, to taste
  • 1 lightly fried egg to top
  • 2T olive oil for cooking

In a small pot, cook your rice as directed on the packaging.

In a separate large frying pan, toss in your 2T olive oil and warm.

Add your green beans and beet slices. Stir regularly. Cook until edges of the veggies are lightly browned and they are al dente.

Season lightly, to taste with salt/pepper/garlic.

Fry and egg to perfection and throw that bitch on top.

This dinner was so sustainable that we had leftovers and used them as salad topping the next day. Yum!

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  1. Thank you for good recipe:) I have “diet” only 1x per day eat some meat. Previously I ate morning sandwich with some meat, for lunch something and for dinner. Now I have some meat only for dinner or lunch. And I lost 5 kilo!!! 🙂

    1. Wow that’s wonderful! I have noticed we naturally lose weight if we do more meatless meals since cooking vegetarian usually results in less gravies, heavy cream sauces, and fats from meats.

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