Delicious Vegetarian Eats in Seattle at the No Bones Beach Club

Though I am not a strict vegetarian, I very much enjoy vegetarian eating. Especially as I age, the more vegetables and less meat I incorporate in my diet, the better my body feels. My husband has struggled with high cholesterol in the past, and his annual checkups have gone much better in recent years as I encourage him to eat vegetarian meals more often. Also, agriculture and farming contributes heavily to climate change, with 2/3 of the emissions coming from livestock. I follow the New York Times Newsletter “Climate Fwd:” as I am very interested in learning more about what causes global warming and what I can do personally to make a positive impact, and eating less meat is one of those things.

I also think that vegetarian and vegan cuisine have a bad rep – if you don’t have a strong commitment to vegetarian cuisine, it’s likely you just don’t know all the options or have lots of recipes you have been taught over the years that inspire your cooking. So I have made it my mission to spread some awareness and love for restaurants, recipes, and cookbooks that offer fantastic vegetarian cuisine, in hopes that people give it a try and discover they like it too!

No Bones Beach Club Vegetarian Seattle 13
Tiki Bar anyone? The decor at the No Bones Beach Club in Ballard, WA is so on-theme and fun! 

One of the locations I work out of occasionally is in the Fremont area in Seattle, and after a long morning working on Lake Union I returned to the dock STARVING and on the hunt for a nice, big, hot lunch. A place I have seen but never actually dined at popped in my head… the “No Bones Beach Club” in Ballard. No Bones is actually in a super convenient location in Ballard just off Market St., but could be easy to miss since it is tiny and doesn’t look like a whole lot from the outside. However, once inside the place is popping and and the decor is adorable! We are a lover of all things Hawaii, so I thought their tiki bar them was extra fun.

No Bones Beach Club Vegetarian Seattle 15

My coconut lime (virgin) mojito was so nice and refreshing with my lunch! 

Their restaurant is not just vegetarian but vegan, and I appreciated how creative it was! It was a weekend around lunch time so they had their brunch menu going… there was no room in the restaurant so I grabbed a spot at the bar for a quick bite.

The Northwest Nachos were a dish I saw come out of the kitchen a few times and seriously thought about grubbing down on, but ultimately I was starving past chips filling me up and I decided to order one of their specials, the Chicago Burger. First off, this burger was huge! Second, when I sliced it in half, I couldn’t believe what I saw… it was my first time trying a “Beyond Burger”, and it seriously looked like a nice, juicy, well cooked meat patty. Kinda freaked me out a little bit honestly, but the flavors were so good that after one bite I dug right in. The salsa and vegan aioli were deliciously spicy and the fries very nicely seasoned too. I washed it down with a virgin coconut lime mojito that was fresh and tart, and left super full without even finishing my plate. I told my hubby how much I enjoyed my meal and the decor, and he agreed that he would give it a try next time.

No Bones Beach Club Vegetarian Seattle 16
Seriously though… how incredible is this burger presentation? It was so delicious and I was STUFFED. Fries were nice and spicy too.
No Bones Beach Club Vegetarian Burger Seattle 1
My “Beyond Burger” sliced in half. As someone who has ate meat their whole life I was so surprised at how it looked like a nice, juicy, medium-cooked burger! 

A few things to note – if you are vegan and reading this and the sound of a ‘like meat’ burger disgusts you have absolutely no worries, there are plenty of other vegan options on the menu. Also, if you are a meat lover but want to give the veggie life a try, I would TOTALLY suggest this burger, but not one of their meals with tofu in place of a fried egg or meat, that is likely not the experience you are looking for. In all, I think there is something for everyone on the menu, the options are great, and I absolutely will go back and eat there again. Even if you have no plans to snack but are looking for a cute tiki bar in Ballard, give them a try! It’s a fun vibe and the fact that they featured only local breweries on tap made me happy.

So, if you want to give some veggie bites a try, or if you are looking for a fun spot to grab a mai tai in Ballard, be sure to give No Bones Beach Club a try! Keep up with the sustainable efforts people, we all make a difference!

Pasted from their website:

410 17th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107
206.453.3233 Directions

Mon, Wed, Thu 4pm – 10pm
Fri, Sat 11am – 11pm
Sun 11am – 10pm
Brunch – Fri, Sat, Sun 11am – 3pm
Happy Hour – Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri 4pm – 6pm

X.O. – Abbey Co.

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  1. Mmm now I want a burger and fries! I’m a vegetarian- looking to make more vegan choices and I really, really love it!!!! I feel so much better for it, and just think it feels more natural! That burger looks and sounds delicious! I’ve had so many vegan and veggie burgers before which have made me think ‘is this actually not meat because it tastes sooo good omg?’ Like for real!!! So good!!! I’m so happy because I love burgers too, the fact there are such yummy vegan ones out there is perfect! I’d definitely visit this location, it looks like so much fun with such yummy food! Thank you for sharing!

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